Cube Design: Making the Case for Black Aggro

Designing a cube is about creating a smooth, fun draft. While the focus is often on all the best cards in Magic, curating a strong list with developed archetypes is more important. One such archetype is Black Aggro. Often excluded from cubes, CavalryWolfPack makes the case why it should be included in yours.

WNXS News Episode 35

This edition: our intrepid news crew discusses the new card treatments in double masters, a massive secret lair drop, the surprising lack of negative stories in this news cycle, and a positive interview with Beth, Queen of Cardboard about herself and the Community of Cardboard.

WNXS News Episode 34

This edition: the news crew tackles brand new bans, Kit exhibits some concerning behavior regarding her relationship to the mana vortex, Diz goes over the themes in the Baldur's Legends Commander decks, an on the street interview from Commandfest Richmond, and more.

Custom Card Creation Mailbag #1 - May/June 2022

Void Nothing introduces our first-ever mailbag column from the MTGNexus Custom Card Creation forum. Custom creation is alive and thriving, and Void has been an active member for over 20 years.

WNXS News Episode 33

This edition: our news crew dives once more into Magic's less desirable community aspects, shares some union talk, a very judgemental News Brews, and more.
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Market Watch

Top Standard Movers For the Day
Boseiju, Who Endures$22.31+6%+1.30
Eiganjo, Seat of the Empire$5.48+16%+0.75
Poppet Stitcher // Poppet Factory$6.65 -8% -0.58
Kura, the Boundless Sky$3.19+15%+0.42
Otawara, Soaring City$11.34+5%+0.51
Den of the Bugbear$9.44+5%+0.47
The Meathook Massacre$62.21 -1% -0.89
Werewolf Pack Leader$3.56 -9% -0.34
Top Standard Movers For the Week
The Meathook Massacre$62.21 -7% -4.54
Jin-Gitaxias, Progress Tyrant$24.35 -10% -2.67
Poppet Stitcher // Poppet Factory$6.65 -20% -1.67
Koma, Cosmos Serpent$6.10 -19% -1.44
Raugrin Triome$13.36 -12% -1.86
The Wandering Emperor$71.91 -4% -3.08
Otawara, Soaring City$16.91+12%+1.86
Olivia, Crimson Bride$5.21 -19% -1.24
Top Standard Movers For the Month
Jin-Gitaxias, Progress Tyrant$21.53 -69% -14.47
The Meathook Massacre$62.21 -28% -18.70
The Wandering Emperor$71.91 -17% -12.64
Kaito Shizuki$8.88 -64% -5.70
Jin-Gitaxias, Progress Tyrant$24.35 -25% -6.79
Orb of Dragonkind$4.38+73%+3.70
The Meathook Massacre$46.54 -17% -7.96
Maskwood Nexus$1.65 -127% -2.38
Top Pioneer Movers For the Day
Cavalier of Thorns$5.78+22%+1.06
Psychic Corrosion$4.28 -18% -0.92
Sarkhan, Fireblood$13.07 -8% -1.11
Ugin, the Spirit Dragon$89.78 -2% -1.96
Faeburrow Elder$3.45+21%+0.59
Reliquary Tower$2.38 -18% -0.51
Iroas, God of Victory$15.25 -5% -0.85
Smothering Tithe$29.87+3%+0.99
Top Pioneer Movers For the Week
Mind Grind$8.52+39%+2.37
Mana Confluence$29.63+13%+3.39
Cavalier of Thorns$5.78+26%+1.18
Twilight Prophet$16.60 -15% -2.99
Reliquary Tower$2.38 -30% -1.02
Iroas, God of Victory$15.25 -10% -1.67
Sarkhan, Fireblood$13.07 -9% -1.34
Smothering Tithe$29.87+7%+2.01
Top Pioneer Movers For the Month
Winota, Joiner of Forces$4.30 -260% -12.22
Twilight Prophet$16.60 -48% -9.33
Mind Grind$8.52+69%+4.23
Crucible of Worlds$25.69 -38% -10.66
The Ozolith$16.05 -28% -4.81
Raugrin Triome$12.45 -42% -5.91
Thousand-Year Storm$5.99 -55% -4.17
Smothering Tithe$29.87 -16% -4.39
Top Modern Movers For the Day
Grave Pact$36.12 -3% -0.99
Phyrexian Obliterator$30.87+3%+0.90
Drogskol Reaver$17.51 -4% -0.70
Seedguide Ash$2.90+14%+0.36
Sanctum Weaver$2.13+16%+0.30
Top Modern Movers For the Week
Triumph of the Hordes$12.41 -21% -3.32
Life's Finale$4.10 -35% -2.18
Unwinding Clock$14.51 -17% -3.00
Praetor's Grasp$10.34 -19% -2.48
Bear Umbra$7.01 -22% -1.99
Aether Vial$23.21 -10% -2.68
Sensei's Divining Top$47.71 -6% -3.26
Seedguide Ash$2.90+63%+1.12
Top Modern Movers For the Month
Seasoned Pyromancer$23.20 -89% -20.39
Force of Negation$46.03 -46% -21.38
Exquisite Blood$15.74 -75% -12.62
Solitude$46.35 -27% -13.00
Sensei's Divining Top$47.71 -24% -12.39
Unwinding Clock$14.51 -47% -8.30
Green Sun's Zenith$18.63 -40% -8.31
Bear Umbra$7.01 -65% -5.81
Top Eternal Movers For the Day
Word of Command$666.66+122%+366.67
Imperial Seal$332.74 -14% -52.90
Kozilek, Butcher of Truth$119.03 -13% -18.11
Clockwork Beast$30.80+28%+6.80
Underground Sea$817.22 -3% -22.01
Unlicensed Hearse$18.47+40%+5.30
Animate Dead$210.00 -6% -13.33
Jayemdae Tome$41.96 -12% -5.54
Top Eternal Movers For the Week
Word of Command$666.66+122%+366.67
Kozilek, Butcher of Truth$119.03 -28% -45.96
Circle of Protection: Blue$30.88 -69% -69.11
Phyrexian Altar$67.85 -28% -25.97
Unlicensed Hearse$18.47+75%+7.93
Clockwork Beast$30.80+28%+6.80
Underground Sea$817.22 -3% -22.01
Animate Dead$210.00 -6% -13.33
Top Eternal Movers For the Month
Word of Command$666.66+122%+366.67
Circle of Protection: Blue$30.88 -69% -69.11
Unlicensed Hearse$18.47+111%+11.71
Dockside Extortionist$45.40 -49% -24.24
Phyrexian Altar$56.43 -62% -31.20
Ancient Copper Dragon$59.65+47%+25.17
Clockwork Beast$30.80+28%+6.80
Kobold Overlord$90.99 -22% -20.46
Vanguard Suppressor
Blood for the Blood God!
Abaddon the Despoiler
Abaddon the Despoiler

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