Market Watch

Top Standard Movers For the Day
Braids, Arisen Nightmare$4.54+54%+1.60
Haunted Ridge$11.90+15%+1.59
Silverback Elder$10.14+12%+1.08
Ledger Shredder$20.41+7%+1.35
Haunted Ridge$12.90+9%+1.02
Karn's Sylex$5.36+13%+0.62
Leyline Binding$11.79 -6% -0.80
Raffine, Scheming Seer$3.03+18%+0.47
Top Standard Movers For the Week
The Wandering Emperor$78.38+7%+5.17
Braids, Arisen Nightmare$4.54+60%+1.70
Leyline Binding$13.92 -16% -2.56
Ledger Shredder$22.65+15%+2.97
Jetmir, Nexus of Revels$5.40 -22% -1.52
Brutal Cathar // Moonrage Brute$4.61+45%+1.43
Reckless Stormseeker // Storm-Charged Slasher$5.60 -21% -1.46
Liliana of the Veil$24.38 -8% -2.24
Top Standard Movers For the Month
Lord Xander, the Collector$2.16 -171% -4.21
The Wandering Emperor$78.38+17%+12.48
Teferi, Who Slows the Sunset$5.28 -78% -4.20
Liliana of the Veil$19.71 -31% -6.24
The Wandering Emperor$23.44 -26% -6.11
The Meathook Massacre$44.06 -16% -7.11
Jetmir, Nexus of Revels$5.40 -50% -3.46
Ledger Shredder$22.65+28%+5.43
Top Pioneer Movers For the Day
Glacial Fortress$10.29 -19% -2.43
Teleportation Circle$6.01+34%+1.53
Castle Embereth$0.95 -51% -0.99
Grave Betrayal$4.53+19%+0.72
Esika's Chariot$7.00 -11% -0.89
Bident of Thassa$2.84 -17% -0.60
Aetherflux Reservoir$7.71 -9% -0.80
Flooded Strand$45.47 -3% -1.41
Top Pioneer Movers For the Week
Windswept Heath$19.65 -39% -12.48
Glacial Fortress$10.29 -19% -2.43
Aetherflux Reservoir$7.71 -29% -3.17
Teleportation Circle$6.01+32%+1.46
Castle Embereth$0.95 -52% -1.02
Mox Amber$29.51 -18% -6.51
Anointed Procession$34.51+18%+5.17
Peer into the Abyss$1.95 -47% -1.73
Top Pioneer Movers For the Month
Mox Amber$29.51 -96% -34.42
Aetherflux Reservoir$7.71 -49% -5.30
Teleportation Circle$6.01+56%+2.57
Helm of the Host$8.93 -55% -6.04
Thing in the Ice // Awoken Horror$3.74 -153% -6.34
Chromatic Lantern$4.88 -59% -3.87
Anointed Procession$34.51+22%+6.44
Expressive Iteration$1.96 -92% -1.92
Top Modern Movers For the Day
Rakdos Charm$2.56 -39% -1.67
Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre$35.34 -6% -2.33
Sterling Grove$1.09+56%+0.39
Tamiyo, the Moon Sage$9.62 -9% -0.91
Altar of Dementia$4.37 -14% -0.71
Vanquisher's Banner$12.65+7%+0.80
Brave the Elements$2.37+22%+0.43
Top Modern Movers For the Week
Defense Grid$35.46+66%+14.15
Emrakul, the Aeons Torn$16.84 -32% -7.93
Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer$74.82 -11% -9.63
Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre$35.34 -16% -6.68
Sword of Truth and Justice$19.12 -21% -5.23
Kozilek, Butcher of Truth$28.66 -17% -5.79
Altar of Dementia$4.37 -41% -3.06
Consecrated Sphinx$19.76 -20% -4.82
Top Modern Movers For the Month
Kozilek, Butcher of Truth$28.66 -56% -19.43
Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre$35.34 -47% -19.82
Emrakul, the Aeons Torn$16.84 -59% -14.65
Liliana of the Veil$52.86 -32% -16.47
Defense Grid$35.46+63%+13.34
Endurance$37.61 -31% -12.69
Consecrated Sphinx$19.76 -40% -9.85
Top Eternal Movers For the Day
Volcanic Island$980.97 -11% -119.02
Holy Strength$42.64 -22% -12.25
Fear$8.49 -35% -4.51
Sakashima's Student$23.78 -15% -4.24
Demonic Tutor$649.80+2%+11.83
Scourge of the Throne$21.32+19%+3.33
City of Brass$116.33 -5% -5.92
Top Eternal Movers For the Week
Volcanic Island$980.97 -11% -119.02
Holy Strength$42.64 -22% -12.25
City of Brass$116.33 -15% -20.67
Deathgrip$58.50 -13% -8.50
Sakashima's Student$23.78 -27% -8.69
Pir, Imaginative Rascal$8.21 -43% -6.30
Underground Sea$748.94 -3% -23.71
Fear$8.49 -35% -4.51
Top Eternal Movers For the Month
Volcanic Island$980.97 -11% -119.02
Optimus Prime, Hero // Optimus Prime, Autobot Leader$2.51 -1,890% -35.35
Pir, Imaginative Rascal$8.21 -96% -13.97
The Mightstone and Weakstone$3.85 -749% -24.34
City of Brass$116.33 -15% -20.67
Talisman of Resilience$3.86 -180% -11.62
Toothy, Imaginary Friend$9.71 -85% -14.45
Holy Strength$42.64 -16% -8.67
Stone Retrieval Unit
Moment of Defiance
Gixian Infiltrator
Cityscape Leveler
Bladecoil Serpent
Sarinth Greatwurm
Titania's Command
Teething Wurmlet
Gwenna, Eyes of Gaea
Fauna Shaman
Hostile Negotiation
Evolving Wilds
Tower Worker
Swiftgear Drake
Supply Drop
Spectrum Sentinel
Energy Refractor
Aeronaut's Wings
Cradle Clearcutter
Boulderbranch Golem

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