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A Brave New World: The Changing Face of Legacy

The past few sets have reshaped the Legacy metagame like nothing we've seen in years. Wildfire393 explores both War of the Spark and Modern Horizons' contributions to the Legacy format, and analyzes their effect on the Legacy landscape.

Fairy Tale Archetypes in the Throne of Eldraine Reveal

Although Commander 2019's previews have taken center stage the past few weeks, let us not forget that Throne of Eldraine is also approaching. Many beautiful artworks have already been revealed for the set, and DialMforMara takes a look them to see what Fairy Tale and Arthurian Legend we should expect to see.

MC4 Data Deep-Dive: Hogaak and Graveyard Hate

With Mythic Championship IV 2019 now finished, there's one major talking point that has dominated Modern discussion: Hogaak. Before we can have a serious discussion on Hogaak and his enablers, however, we have to take a deep dive into MC4's results to get a concise view of where we stand.

The Monthly Custom Card Contests are Open!

The day is finally here: It is the first of the month and the three longest-running custom Magic: The Gathering card contests on the internet have arrived in their new home, MTGNexus Custom Card Contests & Games! Those of you who were involved in custom cards in MTGSalvation will remember the DCC, MCC, and CCL - those of you who are unfamiliar with them, now is the perfect time to start!

The Rise of Wishlist Legends (and Fall of Varchild)

Once an unrealistic hope, old-character legends are now a well-established tradition. Lately, Commander releases in particular tend to feature at least one of these characters, and often a few more. With Commander 2019 swiftly approaching, it's time to look at just how R&D puts these kinds of cards together.
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Market Watch

Top Standard Movers For the Day
Gishath, Sun's Avatar$17.65+8%+1.25
Chromatic Lantern$6.92+8%+0.54
Deputy of Detention$3.40+12%+0.36
Dreadhorde Arcanist$7.42 -7% -0.56
Rampaging Brontodon$4.23+10%+0.37
Top Standard Movers For the Week
Huatli, Radiant Champion$2.02 -49% -1.92
Rampaging Brontodon$4.23+58%+1.56
Liliana, Dreadhorde General$75.26 -10% -8.46
Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge$5.18 -24% -1.68
Immortal Phoenix$3.41 -28% -1.30
Top Standard Movers For the Month
Rubblebelt Recluse$1.53+856%+1.37
Nimble Birdsticker$1.56+311%+1.18
Field of the Dead$3.40+162%+2.10
Immortal Phoenix$3.41 -61% -5.32
Top Modern Movers For the Day
Sliver Legion$109.39 -4% -4.52
Kor Skyfisher$6.69+16%+0.92
Grim Flayer$16.92 -9% -1.61
Hexdrinker$8.46 -12% -1.11
Top Modern Movers For the Week
Seedborn Muse$5.94 -40% -4.04
Behold the Beyond$4.62+74%+1.97
Flameshadow Conjuring$3.53+86%+1.63
Thornbite Staff$6.86+48%+2.21
Top Modern Movers For the Month
Ghostly Flicker$1.73+302%+1.30
Flameshadow Conjuring$3.53+165%+2.20
Hexdrinker$8.46 -47% -7.50
Changeling Titan$1.85+243%+1.31
The First Sliver$8.69 -44% -6.86
Top Eternal Movers For the Day
Chainer, Nightmare Adept$8.29 -48% -7.65
Tradewind Rider$13.62+36%+3.63
Primordial Mist$2.30+58%+0.84
Backdraft Hellkite$1.33 -42% -0.95
Top Eternal Movers For the Week
Backdraft Hellkite$1.33 -93% -18.66
Doomed Artisan$2.83 -86% -17.05
Zodiac Horse$25.93 -52% -28.07
Thieving Amalgam$0.84 -94% -14.14
Empowered Autogenerator$3.96 -80% -16.04
Top Eternal Movers For the Month
Rock Hydra$299.00+755%+264.01
Ixidor, Reality Sculptor$14.76+758%+13.04
Balance$675.00 -29% -274.99
Dream Chisel$8.06+908%+7.26
Primordial Mist$2.30+1,178%+2.12
Top Reserved Movers For the Day
Adun Oakenshield$72.29 -3% -2.58
Lifeblood$15.32 -6% -0.99
Vesuvan Doppelganger$15.98 -3% -0.55
Divine Intervention$59.25+1%+0.75
Top Reserved Movers For the Week
Contract from Below$12.50+56%+4.51
All Hallow's Eve$314.66 -3% -8.34
Word of Command$172.21+3%+5.57
Acid Rain$45.66+5%+2.23
Top Reserved Movers For the Month
Rock Hydra$299.00+755%+264.01
Contract from Below$12.50+56%+4.51
Sliver Queen$137.81 -12% -18.03
Old Man of the Sea$225.72 -8% -18.82