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Otter? I Hardly Knew Her!

Yesterday was an epic onslaught of previews for both Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths and the accompanying Commander 2020. These previews gave us a cute little otter, Lutri. In an unprecedented move, the Commander RC announced a preemptive ban. Cryogen breaks down what happened, why, and possible other options.

Artisan Brewery: Karona, God of Thirst

It's #thirstythursday, and Nick steals the day's theme for his Artisan Brewery. Karona was the physical incarnation of all magic on Dominaria, and demanded everyone worship her. What could be thirstier than that?

Food Chain: What does your Commander Eat?

Welcome to Food Chain, where we bring the Kitchen Table back into Kitchen Table Magic. Today we ask and answer the question: "What does your Commander Eat?" Time to dig into the most flavorful format of Magic! Literally!

Artisan Brewery: What We Cast in the Shadows

Artisan Brewery returns with a new rogue build, pulled from out of the shadows of Rath. The Soltari and Dauthi may have been enemies in the past, but today they band together under your command to take down your foes.

Flowstone Chat — Jim from Spike Feeders

Cryogen sat down Jim from The Spike Feeders, a group of friends that create YouTube content and stream Commander games — usually gravitating towards the competitive end of Commander.

Artisan Brewery: Riku of Two ReflXions

Nick is back with another Artisan Brewery. This week, he takes a popular commander, Riku of Two Reflections, but adds an usual theme: X!

Zero vs. Hero: A Case Study of Jank

What makes a popular commander such a breakaway all-star, while so many others are left at the wayside? Rumpy5897 takes a dive into what makes some Commanders prominent and others inconspicuous, especially when the differences between the two can by minute.

Flowstone Chat: With Toby Elliott

Cryogen got a chance to chat with Toby Elliot — an accomplished Magic player, level 5 judge, Commander Rules Committee member, and all around great guy. From Racoon Foxes to cEDH format splits and pubstomping, they cover a whole range of light hearted and serious issues.

Artisan Brewery: Jodah, Epic Archmage

Jank is often dismissed for more popular, competitive builds, but it should never be derided or written off. At its best, jank is a secret weapon no one sees coming, but even when it's at its worst — it's at least a lot of fun. Enter Nick and his epic build of Jodah, offering you a way for both.

Flowstone Chat: With Shivam Bhatt

The Commander Advisory Group is still somewhat of an enigmatic addition to Commander's Rules Committee, so Morganlefay tracked down Shivam Bhatt, one of its founding members, for a chat. Shivam opens up about some of the CAG's inner workings, his personal deck preferences, and some of the past year's hotly debated topics.
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