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2019 Holiday Card Exchange

Do you enjoy surprises? Do you like excitement!? Do you love getting gifts in the mail!?! If so, then the 2019 Holiday Card Exchange is exactly what you've been waiting for this holiday season!

All Aboard the Commander Hype Train in 2020

Recently, Gavin Verhey teamed up with the Command Zone to announce the lineup for the upcoming Commander products in 2020. Cryogen breaks down all the information and then digs deeper into what we might expect from these releases.

Collection Tracker - Open Beta Released

We've just released the Magic: The Gathering Collection Tracker for open beta. The Collection Tracker is an online card collection system designed for you to quickly and easily manage and track all of your Magic cards.

Weekly Random Brew #8: Royal Herbalist

There's no telling where a randomly seeded card can land you. This week, Mara has the challenge of building a deck with Royal Herbalist. Its ability is entirely unique, offering a vast empty canvas for which to build from. Where will the random brew take her this week?

Weekly Random Brew #7: Folk of the Pines

Mara is back this week with another random brew. Folk of the Pines is a card few might remember, but nothing is beyond the reach of a random seed and a random brew. Where can she take her brew this week with such a random card? Read on to find out.

Weekly Random Brew #6: Orcish Captain

This week's random brew card is a blast from the past. Fallen Empires was released 25 years ago, but it's fun-filled orcs are still as enjoyable as ever to play with, and Orcish Captain is no exception. It might not pass muster for competitive play these days, but who cares when you can have this much fun.

Weekly Random Brew #5: Wandering Champion

This week's random brew card takes us back to Fate Reforged, and offers us a split path that poetically reflects the two realities we see within its block. Wandering Champion is also one of the few white cards that can offer card filtering, which will inevitably lead to interesting design.

Weekly Random Brew #4: Ray of Revelation

This week's random brew is a throwback from Innistrad. Ray of Revelation offers a very open canvas, and DialMforMara delves across all four of the plane's sets to build her brew.

The Nexus Community Draft is Beginning

A beloved tradition has come to MTGNexus! We have now launched the Nexus Community Draft, where players can hone their card evaluation and draft skills.

Morgane's Eldraine Commander Review

Throne of Eldraine just released, and there's a deluge of new legendary creatures and potential Commander goodies. Morganelefay takes a deep dive into the set, examining the potentials and offering his seasoned opinion. Read on to make sure you didn't overlook a hidden gem.
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