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WNXS News Episode 44

This edition: after a life-related hiatus, our team is back with a breakdown of Magic30 and the world championship, a reminder of the latest events on Arena, and more!

The New MTG Community Hub

The MTG Community Hub has had a major revamp, and not only have we greatly expanded it's reach among written content creators, but we have also added areas for Podcasts, Videos, and Streams!

WNXS News Episode 43

This edition: our news crew tackles format changes new and old, we find out whether or not the beach episode will ever air, an interview with Dean of Commander Sealed and more.

WNXS News Episode 42

This edition: our news team has lovely news regarding the #magic30 cosplay contest, less lovely news about one of the anniversary products, an interview with Jim Lapage of the Commander Rules Committee, and more.

WNXS News Episode 41

This edition: on the back of our slightly longer episode, this episode is a bit shorter. Our team covers the new unfinity reveals, the cluster-cuss that is #magic30, and more.

WNXS News Episode 40

This edition: coming off a combination holiday weekend and major announcement stream, the Magic news cycle is a bit light. Jank and Kit take advantage of this odd quiet to have Mark Nestico talk about his journey from player to single sales revolutionary.

WNXS News Episode 39

This edition: our intrepid anchors cover the first glimpses of 2023's new magic sets, Diz goes over the new August Superdrop, preparation for the fall charity season, and more.

WNXS News Episode 38

This edition: set announcements galore, anthologies aplenty, the community showing up and showing out for a beloved member, and more.

WNXS News Episode 37

This edition: capitalism begins and ends our team's talks, the competitive fire burns bright in the darkness, and brave souls discuss how they plan to fight for reproductive rights.

WNXS News Episode 36

This edition: we get off to a somewhat depressing start, but by the end, Kit talks about the facts she learned on a nature "documentary" by LoadingReadyRun, and Beth, Queen of Cardboard attempts a hostile takeover of Jank's position. Beth's deck can be found here.
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