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WNXS Episode 18

In this edition: Iso brings a full report for the World Championship, the crew discusses the odd situations that happened right before the tournament, a new installment of News Brews, and more.

WNXS Episode 17

In this edition, the News Crew tackles the difficult topic of the Midnight Hunt trailer, discussion over live event returns, and a return to the brewing station on News Brews, with special guest Floofys!

WNXS Episode 16

In this edition: the news crew tackles community concern about product placement, Jank speaks with MTGNerdgirl about the new stream team, Degenerate Gaming, more updates on Midnight Hunt, and more.

Innistrad Midnight Hunt Free Preview

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt previews are in full swing, and we were fortunate enough to be given a free preview card of our very own by Wizards of the Coast to share with you all.

WNXS Episode 15

In this edition: the WNXS News Crew breaks down the big announcement week. Small disclaimer, at time of recording the information about the schedule change for the MPL and Rivals weekends had not yet broken, so there are minor inconsistencies in that portion of the program.

WNXS Episode 14

In this edition: the news crew discusses the secret GP, a conversation with HobbesQ about charity streams, delays to Historic Horizons, and more.

WNXS Episode 13

In this edition: we tackle Jumpstart Historic Horizons, questionable etsy shop items, an update from last episode, and Jank has a conversation with Shivam Bhatt of the CAG and Casual Magic Podcast.

WNXS Episode 12

In this edition: the crew report on recent community racism, the latest bans, Jank gets reactions from players who can once again attend pre-releases, the new AFR commander decks, and more.

WNXS Episode 11

In this edition: the WNXS News Crew has continuing coverage of the World Championship prize drama, the cancellation of Magic: Legends, and a spicy recipe for a colorless deck in News Brews.

WNXS Episode 10

In this edition, the news crew discusses the latest pro magic controversies, new secret lairs, an interview with artist Titus Lunter, and more.
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