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Inaugural Magic Pumpkin Carving Contest

The Inaugural Magic Pumpkin Carving Contest is here! For the next 13 days, anyone can enter the contest, celebrate magic, show off their creations, and have a chance at earning unique prizes! Entering is easy and open to everyone, so read on.

Weekly Random Brew #5: Wandering Champion

This week's random brew card takes us back to Fate Reforged, and offers us a split path that poetically reflects the two realities we see within its block. Wandering Champion is also one of the few white cards that can offer card filtering, which will inevitably lead to interesting design.

Weekly Random Brew #4: Ray of Revelation

This week's random brew is a throwback from Innistrad. Ray of Revelation offers a very open canvas, and DialMforMara delves across all four of the plane's sets to build her brew.

The Nexus Community Draft is Beginning

A beloved tradition has come to MTGNexus! We have now launched the Nexus Community Draft, where players can hone their card evaluation and draft skills.

Morgane's Eldraine Commander Review

Throne of Eldraine just released, and there's a deluge of new legendary creatures and potential Commander goodies. Morganelefay takes a deep dive into the set, examining the potentials and offering his seasoned opinion. Read on to make sure you didn't overlook a hidden gem.

Weekly Random Brew #3: Waterknot

Mara returns with another weekly random brew! This week's randomly chosen card, Waterknot, comes from the exiting Core 2019 set, and this gives Mara a wonderful opportunity to says one last goodbye to the rotating Standardt.

Weekly Random Brew #2: Charging Cinderhorn

DialMforMara returns to her deckbuilding exploration with another randomly seeded card to start from. This week's seed is Charging Cinderhorn, and it offers some interesting choices.

Weekly Random Brew #1: Daggerdrome Imp

In this new series, DialMforMara explores the deckbuilding process by building a deck starting with a card chosen completely at random. A creative exercise, this series delves into the decision making for building a deck and sticking to a theme.

Morgane's Commander 2019 Review

Commander 2019 releases this Friday, so Morganelefay takes us through one last look at each of these decks and the new cards therein. Don't guess at which prebuilt commanders are right for you, dive in and know which ones you'll want to grab as soon as you get there.

A Brave New World: The Changing Face of Legacy

The past few sets have reshaped the Legacy metagame like nothing we've seen in years. Wildfire393 explores both War of the Spark and Modern Horizons' contributions to the Legacy format, and analyzes their effect on the Legacy landscape.
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