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WNXS Episode 24

This edition: the news crew tackles WotC's response to the cultural concerns for Neon Dynasty, Iso and Diz have returned from their breaks and fights, the creation of the new Pauper Format Panel, a News Brews featuring Xynam, and more.

WNXS Episode 23

On this very special holiday episode of WNXS News: Iso and Diz are both unavailable, so we have some guest correspondents filling in, Blake Rasmussen joins Jank for an Alchemy Q&A, the crew discusses what we've learned about Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, and more!

WNXS Episode 22

In this edition, the news crew discusses the newest mixture of magic cards in Alchemy, the latest info on Unfinity, Iso gives us a summary of the Innistrad Championship, a News Brews featuring Dualcast Gaming, and more.

WNXS Episode 21

In this edition: Kit has some "interesting" theories about new card printing, the crew discusses the community mood over Double Feature, and HobbesQ comes in for a News Brews to discuss Krarkashima!

WNXS Episode 20

In this edition, the news crew discusses Crimson Vow, new info on winter events and sets, JRo, the Unsummoned Skull stops in for a News Brews segment, and more.

WNXS Episode 19

In this edition: Secret lairs abound, as does a new controversy, Iso explores the new Standard meta, JRO, the unsummoned Skull and BadMoonMTG discuss their upcoming charity streams, and more.

WNXS Episode 18

In this edition: Iso brings a full report for the World Championship, the crew discusses the odd situations that happened right before the tournament, a new installment of News Brews, and more.

WNXS Episode 17

In this edition, the News Crew tackles the difficult topic of the Midnight Hunt trailer, discussion over live event returns, and a return to the brewing station on News Brews, with special guest Floofys!

WNXS Episode 16

In this edition: the news crew tackles community concern about product placement, Jank speaks with MTGNerdgirl about the new stream team, Degenerate Gaming, more updates on Midnight Hunt, and more.

Innistrad Midnight Hunt Free Preview

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt previews are in full swing, and we were fortunate enough to be given a free preview card of our very own by Wizards of the Coast to share with you all.
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