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Flowstone Chat - AliasV

AliasV has become a well known name in both the streaming arena and live game commentary. This week Marquis sat down with her to discuss everything from her favorite cards to the work that goes into good game commentary.

Double Masters Preview

Wizards has blessed us with a Double Masters preview card! Read on to see it's strong history and impact on all the formats.

Artisan Brewery: Mono-White Combistocrats

Nick is back this week with another installment of Artisan Brewery. This week, Nick begins a new deck cycle, focusing on doing the opposite of what each color is known for. White is already a fickle color in Commander, so perhaps doing opposite the norm just might work.

The Nexus Life Counter Web App

There's no longer any need to install a mobile app to keep track of your life total, nor should you ever have to ask someone's life total on a stream game. We are pleased to introduce The Nexus Life Counter web app!

Artisan Brewery: Marisi the Tiger King

From normal tribal themes to bizarre art-centric card choices, decks can be built from a large variety of themes and archetypes. This week Nick brings us quite the unique theme for his Artisan Brewery — a deck based on the pop-culture hit "Tiger King".

Hording all the Fun

Ever want to sling some cardboard but don't have anyone else to play with? Want to play with a bunch of friends instead of against them? Did you enjoy the Face the Hydra decks from Theros? Then horde is right for you!

Artisan Brewery: Scrabble Time

Artisan Brewery is back, and Nick brings us a game-themed special restriction this week: Commander decks built on the Scrabble letter distrobution!

Pattern Matcher: Creature Sudoku

We're all obviously fans of Magic. But if you happen to also like Sudokus, either as a big fan or occasional puzzle taker, then ApocalypseChive has the perfect puzzle for you!

Flowstone Chat - Sam from Rhystic Studies

Rumpy got to sit down and chat with Sam, the brilliant mind behind the videos on Rhystic Studies. You don't have to be a Magic player to appreciate the wonderful artwork on cards, it's just easier since you happen to see them all the time.

Otter? I Hardly Knew Her!

Yesterday was an epic onslaught of previews for both Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths and the accompanying Commander 2020. These previews gave us a cute little otter, Lutri. In an unprecedented move, the Commander RC announced a preemptive ban. Cryogen breaks down what happened, why, and possible other options.
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