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Modern Horizons 3: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

It's been three years since the last Modern Horizon's set, and this year gave us several new Commander options, including multiple strong Eldrazi options. Can they withstand the cowboy's unrelenting pistol?

Homunculi? No, Homuncul-US!

This week Nick has a challenge from Beth, Queen of Cardboard, and it's quite a doozy: a kindred deck for Humonculi! Given our Humonculi mascot, Nick wasn't going to shy away from this one. Let's see if he makes us proud.

Artisan Brewery: Jumping the Gun, Are We?

Nick bounces back this week with a hoppin' new Artisan Brewery challenge. This week's challenge is bound to just a single hurdle, but it's not an easy one to spring over. Nick's rise to ascension, however, sees no pits it can't leap.

Artisan Saloon: Doc's Our Huckleberry

We're kicking off today's Outlaws of Thunder Junction release with a new episode of Artisan Brewery Saloon! This time, Nick is definitely plotting something with Doc Aurlock, the Cowboy Bear Druid!

Thunder Junction: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Cameron's waited his whole life for this moment: When his cowboy roundup lands on a western-themed set. This week, he returns in a blaze of glory, mowing through all the bad commanders and pointing out the partners you should team up with.

Artisan Brewery: I Want YOU!

Nick is back with a new brew: Monowhite! This time, he's trying to Enlist all the help he can get, with Fallout's Aradesh, the Founder.

Artisan Brewery: Fbl-TWHIP

Our Master of Jank has returned with a long-awaited new Artisan Brewery. This time, he was given a challenge that not only tests his ability to brew, but also his ability to think outside of the box. In this commander-centric design, Fblthp stands alone.

Fallout: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Another major set releases, and it's time for Cameron to pass his judgement. Universes Beyond sets have been hit-and-miss, especially with regard to their impact on Commander, so how will this set fair?

MKM, MKC, & CLU: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

It's been a couple months, but Murders at Karlov Manor has released a trio of sets, with a new round of potential commanders for Cameron to gun down. Who will prevail through his unrelenting haze of critical fire?

Lost Caverns and REX: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

More sets release, and more Legends find themselves lining up for judgement. This week, Cameron takes a look at Caverns of Ixalan, it's Commander release, and the the Jurassic Park Universes Beyond. What's bad? What's good? And what's downright ugly?
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