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Time Spiral Remastered Preview

Wizards has given us not one, but two Time Spiral Remastered previews! Read on with Wildfire393 as he dives not only into their history but the history that inspired them as well.

WNXS: The First Full Episode

WNXS News launches its first full-length episode, featuring an exclusive interview with DeQuan Watson.

Commanding the Tribes of Kaldheim

Tribal is one of the most popular themes in Magic, and Kaldheim brings with it support for a dozen different tribes. Wildfire breaks down each tribe, its themes, and potential.

WNXS: Teaser Episode

Today we are pleased to launch a new Magic podcast: WNXS News. Join us for episode 1 as we embark on a new adventure.

Artisan Brewery: The Desert Twister

Nick is back with his last antithesis deck. Green can be shamed as a mindless beating machine that cares nothing about its opponent except when it swings at them, but that's a far cry away from the destructive control Nick is going for.

The Curse of Innistrad - From Thunderbolts to Thundersticks

The Walking Dead Secret Lair was easily the most controversial Magic product of 2020. How did we end up here, with characters from the telly running around as part of this unrelated fantasy tabletop game? This is just the latest stage of a process that started many years ago.

So You Want to Build a Set, Part 1: What Should You Respect?

Have you ever wanted to build your own custom set? Void_Nothing launches a new article series where he explores the do's and don'ts of custom set building. This week, we start with the basics: what fundamental rules should always be respected.

Artisan Brewery: Mono Red Seagulls

Nick's quest for the best antithesis decks continues! This week, Artisan Brewery focuses on the antipode of red's usual game plan, building a slow, methodical control deck that cares what your opponent is doing, and threatens to steal the whole table.

Everybody Needs Somebody - Pairing up the New Partners

Commander Legends hits the shelves shortly, and one of the major selling points is that there are 40 new, mono-colored Commanders with Partner. That's an awful lot of possibilities, so Wildfire393 narrows the field of commanders down to those who have strong synergy.

Arisan Brewery: Who Wants a Hug?

Artisan Brewery is back, and Nick continues his crusade for antithesis decks! What is Black’s antithesis? Why... group hug of course!
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