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Artisan Brewery: The Life and Times of Nicol Bolas

Artisan Brewery returns with a vorthos-driven Commander deck this week. Nick deep dives into the life and times of Nicol Bolas, and uses the intricate multi-decade story to guide a top-down storlyine deck.

WNXS Episode 6

In this edition, the WNXS News Crew discusses the upcoming May arena open, Magic esports not quite getting there with the community, Jank sits down with an LGS owner, and more.

Deck History: The Rock (and His Millions)

New sets release, rotation happens, and decks come and go. Some, however, stay throughout the ever-changing metascape. The Rock in one such deck, but where did The Rock get its name from? Who created it. Today we dive deep into the deck's history and answer these questions.

WNXS Episode 5

In this edition, the News Crew has a conversation with Michelle and Taya of the Loregoyfs, discusses art theft, the new commander decks, and more.

WNXS Episode 4

This episode, our reporters discuss the discourse surrounding Killian Lu, the Kaldheim Championship, NFT's, and introduce a new segment.

New Feature Update

We're quickly approaching our 2 year anniversary, and wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped make this site become the success that it is, as well as discuss all the wonderful features and products that we will be releasing soon!

Mage Hunter — Strixhaven's Free Preview

Campus Liaison Marquis warns the first years at Strixhaven of a powerful threat to the campus, then returns to Earth to show us the fun combo potential for our preview from Strixhaven: School of Mages. Thank you to Wizards of the Coast for this free preview card!

Artisan Brewery: Yo EDH, Let's Kick It!

Nick return with another Artisan Brewery. This week, he kicks his brewing up a notch by tackling Pauper Commander. Pauper Commander combines the fun of Commander with the limited field of pauper, and is quickly growing in popularity. So read on, because things are about to get fun!

WNXS: Episode 3

WNXS returns for its third episode. This edition covers Time Spiral Remastered events, the Magic Online Champions Showcase, and a conversation with HobbesQ about mental health, and what makes the Gathering so important

So You Want to Build a Set: Draft Archetypes for Every Occasion

Void_Nothing returns with another deep dive into set making. Today, he looks at draft archetypes, signpost uncommons, and putting the overall structure of the set together.
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