Below are two calculators.

The first is a Hypergeometric Calculator which determines the odds of drawing X copies of your chosen card. It also gives the expected value, as well as odds for getting less or more than your target. This is great for determining the odds of getting a specific card in your opening hand (looking at ≥ 1), or the average number of lands you'll get from your deck (expected value).

The second is a Multivariate Intersect, which determines the specific odds of getting at least one copy each of any two specific cards. This is great for looking at the odds of drawing a two card combo in your opening hand or top X cards, or to see exactly how often you can get a land and your favorite first-turn drop.

With practice, one could use these calculators to determine, for instance, the exact odds of being able to play a first turn Delver of Secrets that then flips on second turn.

Hypergeometric Calculator
Deck Size:
Copies Ran:
Cards drawn:
Odds to Have:
Hypergeometric Results
Odds of < 1:
Odds of ≤ 1:
Odds of = 1:
Odds of ≥ 1:
Odds of > 1:
Expected Value:
Multivariate Intersect
Deck Size:
Copies of Card A:
Copies of Card B:
Cards drawn:
Multivariate Results
Odds of getting at least one copy of both Card A and Card B in hand when drawing X cards: