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my name is Motleyslayer and I will be the moderator for the General Discussion forum here.

This thread is the go to place for the rules of this section, so please read this before posting.

ALL MTGNexus rules apply.
By posting in this section, you have agreed to the rules of MTG Nexus and I will not be accepting any kind of excuse along the lines of I did not know the rules before I posted. "

The rules that I am posting in this thread apply to all threads in the general discussion.
By posting in this section, I will assume that you have read this thread and understand the rules. I also ask you to follow any rules that are stated by the Original poster (which I will be referring to as 'OP" for the remainder of this thread) of a thread, so that threads do not get too off topic. Please just follow rules accordingly

please keep any discussion related to a specific format to that specific part of the website
this includes any discussion in related to decklists, banlists, metagames or viability of a deck in a certain format. Once everything gets further up and running, there will be deck specific threads to post in, as well as threads related to format discussion so it'll be cleaner just posting there.

Please keep threads on topic
I understand that this section is kind of an area for topics that don't really fit anywhere else but please keep your posts to the initial discussion by OP

discussion of politics
as of lately (August 7 2020) there have been several topics that have had discussions in regards to politics, especially on relating to MtG. Please no discussion of politics at all.
Feyd_Ruin wrote:There's been a few political threads, etc, so I'm posting this to be more clear:
Political discussions, heated topics, major world issues, and debate don't go here.

I know a lot of these issues are close to heart to some people, but a magic the gathering community just isn't the place for that. The Break Room is for off topic banter, relaxing with the rest of the community, and random discussions, not for major debate on world issues.

There are many other places on the net where you can have such discussions: Reddit, Kialo, and Qwarul are quite popular for this. These sites host platforms built specifically for this purpose, and are better suited for such discussions.
here is original post

if you see any post that violates any kind of rules, please just report it and do not get involved.
Allowing the mod/admin team to address any rules violations is the best way to address any issues rather than backseat modding. Other users getting involved will only create more problems, so please just allow us to address any rules violations

Please use the search topic. As this website gets older, often someone may have posted something similar to what you would like to post. So unless the thread is over 6 months old, please just post in the original topic to avoid multiple threads on the same topic.

on that topic, please don't post in a thread that has not had any kind of activity in 6+ months. In that situation, please read the thread to see if your questions have been answered already before "necroing" an old thread

Please use card tags as well, it'll make discussion of cards easier.

Please keep discussion of MTGO and Arena to Other Magic products section

Please keep any kind of solicitation/self promotion discussion to the subforum dedicated to that and please no Ebay/TCG player posts. Please no posts about trading or selling of cards at all.

I'm going to be working on "official" threads which I will have stickied, with these threads I will be more lax with as they are something I feel will be common topics. Once I get them started, I will get them posted here for easy access to them.

here are links to the official threads I've made

card sleeve and deckbox discussion
Card storage and sorting discussion

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
as for right now, if you have any questions about any rules or what not, please feel free to send me a message and I will happily help you to the best of my ability.

If I notice I'm getting a lot of similar questions, I will post them here so people can see.

I hope everyone enjoys their time using MTG Nexus

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