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MTGNexus Official Community Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to MTGNexus, a community-based Magic: The Gathering site aimed at creating a welcoming community for Magic players to discuss their game, as well as providing tools to facilitate these discussions. Before posting, please take some time to familiarize yourself with our Community Rules and Guidelines, as well as the specific rules for any areas you plan to visit.

The standards for posting on MTGNexus may differ from what you're used to on other sites. When posting on MTGNexus, it's important to treat others with the same respect you'd expect to be given in real life. If you're considering saying something that wouldn't be appropriate if you were sitting in a public coffee shop, it probably isn't appropriate for MTGNexus.

Please note in particular that these rules apply to anything and everything you post on MTGNexus. This means threads and replies in the forums, comments on articles, card gallery entries, or created cards, and custom card creations themselves, whether public or private. Violations of a rule in any of these areas of the site will incur the penalty for breaking that rule, no matter where the violation occurred.

We have a number of rules, which we urge you to review in full. We enforce these rules and expect all users to abide by them while participating on MTGNexus. If you see problematic posts, please use the report button (Image) at the top of the post and let the moderators of that section know.

Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.

MTGNexus Community Basic Rules

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In-depth Explanation of Individual Rules

The list below is not intended to be all-inclusive of the offenses that may cause warnings or infractions; the MTGNexus staff reserves the right to issue warnings and infractions for offenses not listed. If you are at any point unsure about the rules, wonder whether something is okay, or want an exemption from a rule for some reason, please contact a member of the staff, either via Private Message or the Staff Inbox.

Flaming, Trolling and Other Forms of Misbehavior

Flaming is a hostile verbal attack directed at another person or group of people. Trolling is the act of deliberately provoking a hostile reaction from other users. These actions will not be tolerated.

We do not recognize excuses such as "he flamed me first!"; if you feel attacked by other members, report the post and let moderators handle it rather than flaming back. Similarly, if you feel that someone is trolling, report the post/thread.

Calling someone a troll is also flaming/trolling.

The rule of thumb is to criticize the idea, not the person. You may think a deck is bad, and you may say so (though make it constructive), but a deck being bad doesn't make the poster an idiot. Be respectful.

Responding to other people with unwarranted hostility, picking fights and in general being a jerk to other members is also grounds for moderation. Remember, it is everyone's job to be friendly and civilized, and maintain other users' good forum experience. We want people to get along.

Also worth noting is that flaming anyone within the Magic Community (including Wizards employees and major Content Creators), whether or not they are a member of MTGNexus, is a moderatable offense. The Magic community is a close-knit one, and it's reasonable to expect that these figures will read what is said about them on this site, or be made aware of it. Be considerate.

Flaming/trolling someone using the Private Message (PM) or tagging (@) features is not allowed. Using these features to harass someone will result in an upgrade to a more severe warning or immediate suspension, at moderator discretion.

Threats - Immediate Ban Offense

Making any sort of physical or legal threat towards another user, moderator, or the site itself will result in an immediate ban. This includes doxxing.

Hate Speech and Inappropriate Language

MTGNexus is an inclusive community. Hate speech, including racism, sexism, homphobia, transphobia, as well as the use of slurs, are not permitted. Casual use of words such as 'gay', 'retarded', and 'raped' is similarly disallowed, as it is insensitive and offensive. Posts deemed particularly egregious by the staff may result in a suspension or ban regardless of previous warnings.

Inappropriate Material - Immediate Suspension Offense

Content on MTGNexus is expected to be "work safe", which is a little more restrictive than a "PG-13" guideline. This includes but is not limited to excessive adult language and sexually explicit content. Posts with content that breaks this guideline will be edited and infracted with the potential for an automatic suspension. This rule applies to writing, images (both attached and linked), videos (embedded and linked), avatars, signatures, custom titles, links to sites with inappropriate material, etc. It is not possible to determine an exhaustive list of what falls under this guideline, so as a general rule do not post content that would not be viewable at work or school. Additionally, if images are found to be of an illegal nature (child pornography, etc.) your account will be automatically banned and you will be reported to the proper authorities.

Illegal Activity - Immediate Suspension Offense

Promotion of illegal activity, requesting advice about participation in an illegal activity, or assisting in any illegal activity, including but not limited to unlawful drug use, theft, copyright infringement (this includes downloading, reproducing, soliciting copyrighted material being distributed without permission of the copyright holder [such as premium articles and printed Magic: The Gathering proxies which use any of Wizards of the Coast's graphics or illustrations]) is strictly prohibited. Please note that in the case of premium articles, sharing a decklist for the purposes of discussing is acceptable, but requesting decklists solely available in a premium article is not.

While some activities are not considered illegal everywhere, if something is widely or generally illegal, it is also considered disallowed here, even if it's okay where you live. If you are unsure about whether something is allowed, please contact a member of the staff.

Proxies and Counterfeiting - Immediate Suspension Offense

Proxies solely consist of cards issued by Head Judges in events to replace cards that are lost or damaged during the course of an event. Any reproduction of a Magic: The Gathering card, in whole or in part, is considered a Counterfeit and is illegal. Any discussion about purchasing or creating these Counterfeits is against the rules and will be warned.

Playtest Cards consist solely of reproductions that could not, under any circumstances, be mistaken for authentic cards. Playtest Cards do not utilize Wizards of the Coast-owned intellectual property, including the art, symbols, or layout of a Magic: The Gathering card. Alternatively, legitimate Magic: the Gathering cards that have been modified using a marker or pen to represent other Magic: The Gathering cards would be considered Playtest Cards.

Anyone attempting to buy/trade for Counterfeits will be automatically suspended from MTGNexus. People trying to sell Counterfeits may be completely banned and reported to Wizards of the Coast and any appropriate US or foreign law enforcement agencies.


Posting links to your own material on other sites is allowed, as long as it is contextually relevant to the section in question, and that a short paragraph is provided summarizing the content of the link. Different areas will have specific threads for promoting streams and channels, so be sure to check the specific rules for the area you are posting in. Non-Magic-related Kickstarters should be posted solely in the Kickstarter thread in The Break Room.

Evading the Censor

Certain words will be automatically censored by the forum software. Any attempt to 'cheat' a word past the censor, or to clarify what the censored word is, is considered censor evasion. For example, if the word 'gris' were censored, 'gr*s' would be censor evasion, as would 'g***' and 'gri$'. If you want to curse, just curse. Let the censor handle it. Using the previous example, you should just type out the word "gris".

If there are inoffensive words or parts of words that are censored due to incidental censor splash damage (an example would be the word Scunthorpe, which is the name of an English town), evading may be permitted if you ask a moderator first.

Editing a Moderated Post

When moderators take action in a post, they will document the action using a Mod Box.
This is an example of a Mod Box
Do not delete, edit, or obscure either the Mod Box in a warned or infracted post or edit or remove the offending portion of that post without permission from a moderator.

The purpose of this rule is to have the moderated post serve as a learning tool for other users, so that they may see what might or might not be allowed. Additionally, it is to have other users see why a particular post was moderated, and not leave them confused as they see a perfectly okay post.

If you are unsure about moderation action taken on a post you have made, you should PM the moderator.

Image Leeching

Image leeching is hot linking to an image (using [img] tags) that is NOT hosted on:
  • DeviantArt
  • Flickr
  • Fotki
  • Google Photos
  • Instagram
  • Imgur
  • Photobucket
If you are unsure whether a site is considered a photo hosting website, the best thing to do is ask a moderator.

Signature and Avatar Offenses
Signatures may include only one non-animated 600x100 or 450x150 block of image(s), not including smilies. Any secondary banners, even if they are in spoiler tags, will be removed. Excessive amounts of text, links, quotes, empty space, colors, etc. should be put inside spoiler tags. Signatures should not be generally distracting in nature.

Avatars cannot be larger than 100x100 pixels or 40 kB, and, if animated, must not flash or play at excessive speeds.

Other Offenses

Abuse of the Report System - Any use of the report system other than to bring problematic posts to the attention of staff will result in moderator action, from warnings to suspension depending on the severity of the case. Don't report a post multiple times, don't use it to convey personal messages, don't use it to question a Moderator's actions (this can be done via Helpdesks or by PMing a member of the Senior Staff).

Aiding & Abetting Evasion of Limited Site Privileges - Do not post content for or from banned/suspended members, and do not assist banned/suspended members in either communicating with or partaking in the forums. Violations will be penalized as determined appropriate by the staff.

Box Mapping - Any posts attempting to create a box map will be infracted and deleted. This includes, but is not limited to:
Gathering detailed box data, sharing of detailed box contents through posting or sharing files hosted offsite, posting box maps, advertising links to offsite resources for boxmapping, or sharing detailed print run information regarding tracks of rares, mythics, or foils.

Information about print runs of commons or uncommons for Limited are accepted.

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