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Welcome to Custom Card Creation! While all the forums on MTGNexus are user-driven, CCC relies on its community most of all, because the things we discuss here are a product purely of your creative minds working within the bounds of the Magic: The Gathering system. That said, general forum rules apply here, and there are a few more specific things to keep in mind for when you post on Custom Card Creation.

I. Criticize the Design, Not the Designer. If you post a card design in the Custom Card Creation forum, it's assumed to be up for critique. But, most people are doing this in order to become a better designer. Please keep this in mind and keep discussion to the actual cards. Personal attacks won't be tolerated.

II. Take Your Critiques Gracefully. On the flip side, most people criticizing card designs will be doing so in order to help the designer improve. You're free to defend your design choices, but straying into insults or self-aggrandizement while doing so will result in an infraction.

III. Format Your Cards for Maximum Readability. The formatting most posters use for writing out custom cards looks something like the one used for card text on Gatherer and Scryfall. Here is an example:

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[b]Bear of Alarming Speed[/b] [mana]1G[/mana]
Creature - Bear [color=darkorange](M)[/color]
Haste, protection from non-Bear permanents
[i]Nothing matches the velocity of its approach.[/i]
Bear of Alarming Speed 1G
Creature - Bear (M)
Haste, protection from non-Bear permanents
Nothing matches the velocity of its approach.

You're not required to use this exact formatting, but something similar to this is almost universal and it really makes a difference in card readability.

IV. Always Post Text Cards. A lot of custom designers like to post renders of their cards, but for one reason or another some viewers may not be able to see an image. For this reason, please make sure to post the card text as well.

V. Keep a Change Log. It's great to want to edit your cards in response to feedback, but doing so without noting the changes in the post tends to make reading the discussion difficult for others who are interested. One good way to do this is to hide previous versions of cards in

Code: Select all


VI. One Thread Per Day in the Main Forum. Please try to limit yourself to posting one new thread of custom cards per day in the main CCC forum; if you have more than one card idea you can post them all at once, or edit new cards in to the fist post and bump the thread if you have more ideas later in the day.
Psst, check the second page of Custom Card Contests & Games! Because of the daily contests, a lot of games fall down to there.

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