22 Card Expansion Set
By JT1044
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Showing cards 1 - 22 of 22.
Showing cards 1 - 22 of 22.
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Some basic set specifics

These are some cards Im making based on the Dragonheist D&D campaign Ive been running for.... two years now.

The PCs all have an exert mechanic that benefits them if they dont cheat the exert via an untap. (Still could)
Match, Modar, Heavy, Aric, Vloren

Melody, Raenar, Lif, NatJenksSquidly

Urstul, Azghal (still need Nihiloor and Xanathar, and a few others from the future final chapters)

Plunder is a keyword I'm using for "Create a Treasure Token"

Only because we dont have dungeon templates, I plan on creating a "dungeon like" mechanic using the Saga templates where you just progress the saga using creatures or something instead of automatically.

If I have time I'll be making some of their signature spells and abilities, and gear that I didnt want to shoehorn all into a single card.

Not positive yet if Im going to make an alternate for everyone (currently I have two Vlorens) or just Match and Vloren because theyve changed drastically over the campaign. The others,

I am contemplating making "Classes" that are unique in themes to how they progressed over the levels. So, "Conjurer" "Storm Cleric" "Brawler" "Phantom" "Raven Queen pact" "Glasya Pact"
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