Lif, Trollskull Poltergeist // Lif, Silverfall Bartender


Legendary Creature — Elf Specter

Indestructable, Vanishing 1

When Lif enters the battlefield, return a random artifact you control to it's owner's hand, then each player discards a card at random.

When Lif dies, each player loses X life, where X is equal to the number of cards in their hand, unless they pay {2/W}{2/W}.

Disturb — {3}{W} (You may cast this card transformed from your graveyard for its disturb cost.)

Lif, Silverfall Bartender
Legendary Creature — Elf Spirit


Whenever a creature you control is exerted, you gain 2 life

{W}{W}, {T} : Untap target exerted creature.

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