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This is the placeholder thread for the Legacy Death's Shadow Delver Primer on MTG Nexus. If you would like to take over the primer for this particular deck, please message a Legacy staff member.

Death's Shadow Delver is a Blue-Black Delver variation that utilizes Death's Shadow as an additional powerful threat alongside the usual Delver of Secrets and Gurmag Angler. To power out an impressively-sized Death's Shadow as soon as possible, the deck runs shocklands like Watery Grave alongside spells like Thoughtseize, Reanimate, Street Wraith, Dismember, and Snuff Out. The usual bevvy of cantrips and counterspells round out the list - Ponder, Brainstorm, Daze, Force of Will - with the occasional inclusion of Stubborn Denial and Stifle as well. Because the deck can operate with few or even no dual lands, it is a popular list for newcomers to the Legacy format, though it has fallen out of favor slightly as Dreadhorde Arcanist Delver lists have gained popularity.

Death's Shadow Delver, 1st Place SCG Team Open Baltimore
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