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Regent of Gaea

Gaea's Avenger - Pete Venters
I though I'd give your BBCode a test, and what better way to do it than reposting my beloved Regent of Gaea deck.

When I first built this deck I considered all the Gaea cards:
The following cards didn't make the cut, for not making any sense in Mono-G:
Gaea's Balance
Gaea's Might
Gaea's Skyfolk

That leaves us with:
Deck's Skeleton


1 Gaea's Cradle (Its price and being legendary make this a 1 of)


1 Child of Gaea (See my avatar if you have questions)
1 Gaea's Herald (Great two drop that protects the fatties)
1 Gaea's Liege (Quite disrupting, and good defensively)
1 Gaea's Revenge (Spoiler, spoiler)


n1 Gaea's Anthem (Creature pump? Sign me in)

1 Gaea's Touch (Ramp is always good in green)
1 Gaea's Embrace (I think some elves might like this)

Other spells:

1 Gaea's Blessing (Anti Mill? Sure)
1 Gaea's Bounty (With Gaea's Touch out this > Harrow)
Approximate Total Cost:

Originally, it ran Llanowar Elves and Joraga Treespeaker. Terra Stomper were used instead of Gaea's Revenge before the M11 release. I removed the mana elves, since I usually get almost every forest into play. I used the slots for Sakura-Tribe Elders, Terra Stompers, since I liked them when they were in place of Gaea's Revenge, and I also added Mr. Omnath. I threw in Deserted Temple for repeated Cradle action,
and I went up to 2 Gaea's Embrace since it works fine with Revenge and gives it the lacking trample. During a ME4 draft I got my first Gaea's Avenger and just threw it in there. :p

Recently we got a new friend: Gaea's Protector, but I still have to figure out how to add it to the ranks:

Regent of Gaea
Approximate Total Cost:

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Post by Feyd_Ruin » 2 years ago

If I went Gaea's theme, I'd want Gaea's Touch -> Gaea's Revenge.
They need backup, which might have to be non-thematic ramp/beef.

Optimal Play:
1: Forest1 -> ??
2: Forest2 -> Gaea's Touch -> Forest3
3: Land , Forest4 , Sac Touch -> Gaea's Revenge

Third turn 8/5 haste that's hard to target/kill.
Of course, that's the most optimal, but first turn also allows Wild Growth, Adventurous Impulse, or something else that helps make it all happen. In the end, Gaea's Touch is great ramp and Gaea's Revenge is great beef.
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