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Post by ktkenshinx » 2 years ago

This is a placeholder thread. If you are interested in taking over the thread and/or writing a primer, PM the moderator team.
This is the thread to discuss the Boros Prison archetype in Modern.
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Post by NZB2323 » 2 years ago

This is the list I'm running:

I should probably add in a Sunbaked Canyon or two, but I'm not sure how good that card is in a blood moon deck.

In case you're unfamiliar with Boros Prison, no Path to Exile because we usually cast Chalice with 1 counter on it, and we don't want to give our opponents basic lands in a blood moon deck.
WUBrg Morophon, the infinite Kavu
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WG Captain Sisay land destruction
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Ug Edric pauper
Bg Sarulf peasant
B Marrow-Gnawer, rat colony

U Delver
B ETB creatures
G elves

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