Deck Choice V. Format Satisfaction

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Post by Yawgmoth » 7 months ago

I wonder if deck choice or preferred strategy relate to current satisfaction with the state of Modern. Let's do a little study.

Question 1: what is your deck of choice?

Question 2: what is your preferred strategy (aggro, midrange, combo, or control)?

Question 3: On a scale of 1-5, how satisfied are you with the current state of Modern?

Perhaps this is better measured in a poll but I'm not sure how to ask multiple questions. I can manually input answers into a GLM if people report here.

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The Fluff
is this so?
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Titles & Recognition

Post by The Fluff » 7 months ago

Q1: Red Eldrazi is currently my active modern deck. And building a ub control deck, the missing parts are already sent by scg.

Q2: aggro, midrange, aggro-control ---- all of those

Q3: hmm, I give it a 3.5 ---- enjoying the format right now.
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Post by cfusionpm » 7 months ago

1: Grixis Death's Shadow, but only really because it's the only reasonably playable Snap/Bolt deck (that ironically plays only 1-2 Snaps and 0-1 Bolts).
2: Some combination of Tempo/Control/Midrange. Not opposed to Combo elements, but hate 1-dimensional that do the same thing every time.
3: It's at an all time low for me. 1. Maybe less than that. The decks at the top are both orders of magnitude better than the Tier 2 and "Tier fun" decks, while simultaneously being mostly obnoxious to play against and producing awful gameplay experiences.
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Post by Ym1r » 7 months ago

1: Most control decks. Most frequent lists are UW control/stoneblade, Grixis control, Faeries. Back in the day I used to play more Jeskai, and sometimes Esper. Basically if I can cast cryptic command, I am in!
2: Well... control
3: 4. I enjoy the format quite a bit. There is nothing that is really outstandingly broken nor one specific deck archetype that domiantes everything. Of course SBs are still important, but not even close to what they were in spring/summer. I think Oko will completely break at some point and will likely have to be banned, that is if Urza survives. Besides that Urza/Oko deck that might prove to be oppressive, everything else looks good.
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Post by robertleva » 7 months ago

1. Control decks.
2. Control
3. Haven't played modern, even online, since pioneer dropped.
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Post by stubb » 7 months ago

1. RUG Delver
2. Tempo
3. Probably 4/5. I think Modern has been mostly tons of fun during my current stint, Winter 2017-present, with the exception of Hogaak summer.

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Post by idSurge » 7 months ago

1. URx Control
2. Control
3. 0. I quit a long time ago, and have absolutely zero desire to play Modern now that we have Pioneer.
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Titles & Recognition

Post by motleyslayer » 7 months ago

1. Grixis shadow usually

2. Now it's midrange in a few flavours depending on my mood. It used to be control but I lean towards midrange now

3. Probably a 3. I've hated it more but loved it more. I haven't been to a competitive event in over a month so my opinion might be outdated

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Post by FoodChainGoblins » 7 months ago

1. Amulet Titan
2. Combo...Control.....Aggro…………………………………………………….Midrange (but I enjoy Tempo before Control)
3. Probably a 2. It just seems pretty meh to me at the moment and the inconsistencies of the Ban and Restricted list for Modern has just hit me too hard recently. I mean, it took Stoneforge Mystic years to get unbanned and things like Urza are legal while Bridge from Below isn't.
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Limited - not yet
Commander - all in pieces

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Post by Arkmer » 7 months ago

1. UBx control
2. control
3. As far as I'm concerned I'll probably never play Modern again, so zero.

I should sell more of my Modern cards...
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Post by drmarkb » 7 months ago

Prison- I normally play Martyr Proc (not soul sisters, the multi wrath recursion infinite fog stuff), Enchantment control (combo Enduring Ideal prison or straight up control), or if there is lots of tron about or a higher end event land destruction (grull or midrange green white ramp with repeated primal commands and acidic slimes), as the other two decks have a poor tron match. Happy to play 8 rack in the right meta- has not existed for a while- and hate bears (have gw plus bw eldrazi n Taxes).

2 Control- Prison.
In Legacy I play combo/prison RIP helm or Leyline otv helm is my most common way ro win, or straight prison - Stax (w, brown, Moon stompy), Pox etc.
In draft I like tempo, UW flyers, lots of bounce, but happy to play aggro or control archetypes.
Pioneer I built UW critters, mono u tempo, and am brewing enchantment control, doom foretold and building mono b and mono r aggro. Waiting on mono g devotion and hour of promise to see what else gets nerfed.

3 - about a 3 out of 5, if it was not for Urza. About 2 probably.

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