Blind Seer: "5 Color" Control

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Post by Ulka » 1 year ago

Welcome to the Original Urza EDH deck.

For those who don't know the Blind Seer is Urza in disguise and we are a control deck the disguises other people cards as different colors to abuse the long history magic has of color hate cards.

While Magic has slowed this design style and religated it to core sets when they do show up, I still love the feeling of suiting up Blind seer with a Sword of X & Y and just going to town as a backup.

Anywho here is the decklsit:
Blind Seer
Approximate Total Cost:

Modern: Goryo's Gifts | Heartless Architect | Soul Sisters | MonoGreen Devotion
Pauper: Blackened Eggs | Zombies | Zoo | Sultai Teachings
EDH:Bladewing | Blind Seer | Zuberi | He Who Hungers
EDH continued:Mishra | Kynaios and Tiro | Dosan | Zedruu | Mikeaus | 4 color ZadaMayael


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