281 Card Expansion Set
Release Date: Sep 09th 2022
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Karn, Living Legacy
Anointed Peacekeeper
Archangel of Wrath
Argivian Cavalier
Argivian Phalanx
Artillery Blast
Benalish Faithbonder
Benalish Sleeper
Captain's Call
Charismatic Vanguard
Citizen's Arrest
Cleaving Skyrider
Clockwork Drawbridge
Coalition Skyknight
Danitha, Benalia's Hope
Defiler of Faith
Destroy Evil
Griffin Protector
Guardian of New Benalia
Heroic Charge
Join Forces
Juniper Order Rootweaver
Knight of Dawn's Light
Leyline Binding
Love Song of Night and Day
Mesa Cavalier
Phyrexian Missionary
Prayer of Binding
Resolute Reinforcements
Runic Shot
Samite Herbalist
Serra Paragon
Shalai's Acolyte
Stall for Time
Take Up the Shield
Temporary Lockdown
Urza Assembles the Titans
Valiant Veteran
Wingmantle Chaplain
Academy Loremaster
Academy Wall
Aether Channeler
Battlewing Mystic
Combat Research
Coral Colony
Defiler of Dreams
Djinn of the Fountain
Ertai's Scorn
Showing cards 1 - 48 of 436.