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Post by Iso » 2 years ago

This is the placeholder thread for the Legacy UR Delver Primer on MTG Nexus. If you would like to take over the primer for this particular deck, please message a Legacy staff member.

Blue-Red Delver is the current dominant Delver of Secrets deck in the Legacy format. It first rose to prominence in the Treasure Cruise metagame, but then fell into tier two after Cruise got banned. The recent printing of Dreadhorde Arcanist finally pushed the deck back into the spotlight. Blue-Red Delver uses an offensive core of Delver of Secrets, True-Name Nemesis, Young Pyromancer, and occasionally Monastery Swiftspear, with Dreadhorde Arcanist functioning as a brutal card advantage engine, spitting out cantrips and Lightning Bolts every attack step. With a full array of 10-12 cantrips, including Preordain in addition to Ponder and Brainstorm, 5-6 bolts, including Chain Lightning on top of Lightning Bolt, and a bevy of countermagic including Daze, Spell Pierce, and Force of Will, Blue-Red Delver is the go-to tempo deck.

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Post by motleyslayer » 1 month ago

so I decided to at least try UR delver in Legacy, coming over from Sneak and Show (Big jump I now).

I just had a question in regards to how the mirrors should play out? Figured learning the mirrors is pretty important

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