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The Previews section is exclusively for posting official, Wizards of the Coast-sponsored Previews, as well as Wizards announcements of upcoming products as well as other significant, Magic-related news such as rules changes, ban announcements, and announcements of related media like tie-in board games, TV series, novels, and similar. As such, please do not post any of the following as topics in this section:
-No Rules Questions on new cards. These belong in the "New Card Rulings" topic that will be created for each set.
-No General Discussion of the sets being previewed, i.e. "This Set Seems Great", "This is the Worst Set Since Born of the Gods", etc. These belong in the "[Set] General Discussion" topic that will be created for each set.
-No Speculation as to upcoming sets. This includes "Mark Rosewater said we might see <X>" or "When will we finally see <thing>" threads. These belong in the Speculation section.
-No Leaks/Unofficial Spoilers. These belong in the Unofficial Spoilers section. This forum is only visible to users who opt into the See Unofficial Spoilers group by clicking "Always Show" on a Leak tag. Because of this, there are no longer any restrictions on using card names in thread titles.
Unofficial Spoiler Discussion
Use this to opt in and out of the See Unofficial Spoilers Group
Repeated failure to follow these rules may result in a Spam warning or infraction.

Guidelines for posting Previews:
-Your topic title should include the name of the source. For cards posted on the official Wizards website, use "Mothership Previews" along with the date of the previews, i.e. "Mothership Previews 5/31"
-If two or fewer cards are previewed by the source, those should also be included in the topic title, i.e. "The Mana Source Preview - Celestial Colonnade".
-If more than two cards are previewed by the source, provide a general description of the cards previewed, i.e. "Loading Ready Run Preview - Five Commons"
-Your topic body must include a link to the source article, video, or post.
-If possible, please try to provide the text of the previewed cards
-Your topic body should include the images of the cards previewed as an attachment, or included in [img] tags linked from an image hosting website.

A list of acceptable image hosting websites is provided here. Using image tags to link a card from a website other than one of these is considered image leeching and may result in a warning or infraction.
Other image hosting websites may be approved on a case by case basis, but when in doubt, download the image and upload it to the website rather than directly linking the image from another site.

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