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This thread will serve as a compilation of official threads and useful links for Commander players. If you believe a certain page should be added to it, please PM one of the Commander mods or post on our Commander Helpdesk.

Forum Resources

Commander Rules and Philosophies

Rules Resources

Have a rules question? Check out these places.
  • - The official Commander website, containing formats rules, the official banlist and forums.
  • - The official Duel Commander website, containing format rules and official banlist.
  • Commander Rulings FAQ - Information and FAQ on the banlist, the rules, and a few rules committee decisions that are not necessarily enshrined in the rules themselves.
  • The Magic Rules Resource Page - Contains links to the comprehensive rules, set FAQs, the DCI Document Center, and anything else rules-related you could possibly desire.
  • The MTGNexus Rulings Forum - if you have any questions about the rules, specific card interactions, or even commander specific rules, ask them there.

Deckbuilding Resources

All sorts of deck building tips, tricks, and shortcuts.
  • EDHRec Common EDH/Commander recommendations for different generals
  • Gatherer and Scryfall - Comprehensive search engines to find that perfect Magic card for your next deck
  • ManabaseCrafter - An easy to use website: simply plug in your General and it will list every land that is legal for its color identity.

Online Play Resources

  • Cockatrice - The best free online Magic-playing program. No hard-coded rules support, but it's a pretty great sandbox and deck testing resource. Officially discontinued after Wizards got a bit grumpy, but downloads and servers are still hosted by a third party.
  • Magic Workstation - Used to be the default free online client until Cockatrice showed up.
  • - The official MWS resources site. Contains masterbases, themes and documentation, among other things.
  • - An alternative source of masterbases and themes.

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