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Post by hoser2 » 7 months ago

Want to play with two busted 3-mana planeswalkers? You've come to the right place. This thread is for all Bant Midrange decks, but I started with one that used Oko and Teferi.

I took the Bant Chulane list proposed by the brilliant Adam Hernandez (yoman5) here (the last list in the article). I tweaked it to add some early punch (2 Nightpack Ambusher + 2 Wicked Wolf), but those slots might be better as more Frilled Mystic, Nissa, Questing Beast or (insert your better idea here).
The deck seems quite powerful and I am not sure that I played it well, but I recommend it. I went 5-3 in the try any card event. Do work with it before trying it in an important tournament as I think the variety of choices is quite challenging.


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