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Post by TheAmericanSpirit » 4 months ago

So this is my emry deck, which is centered around Salvaging Station and assembling maro's nightmare concept of "the Blob" (see below). Mirran Spy and Chakram Retriever were excluded for basically only being useful with emry and nothing else. I prefer to have more overlap in my combos or at least cards that aren't useless in isolation. Interaction is currently pretty light because this is more of a "stop me, not an I stop you" kinda deck. It also means I can't necessarily stop someone from stopping me, which makes the deck significantly more beatable as far as combo decks go and keeps the overall power level from becoming too oppressive.
Maro on the topic of The Blob
"We did make the conscious choice to not have any "artifact matters" mechanics in the first set, but the mere nature of having a set where artifacts are the focus gets us into what I call the "blob problem." Normally when we make a set, we're able to spread the powerful cards over many different colors. Yes, there might be a powerful white card, a powerful blue card, and a powerful black card, but it's hard to play them all in the same deck because the mana system discourages it. Artifacts, though, tend to be colorless, meaning that any deck that wants them can run them without the game providing any interference. The good artifacts can glom together and make a "blob monster" that's hard to stop because chopping off one piece of it is often not enough to stop it."
Approximate Total Cost:

Suggestions are always welcome and I promise to edit this to not be such a literal blob of text the next time I'm feeling manic enough to type this stuff out.
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