Worst matchup for Mono Red Prison

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Post by FoodChainGoblins » 1 year ago

I have had trouble with Mono Red Prison. My record recently is something like 8-8 vs. it, but with Sneak Show. It's hard for me to beat turns 1 and 2 Karn, the Great Creator with Ensnaring Bridge(s) in their hand. Do I try to mulligan to Arcane Artisan or Sneak Attack, while making sure I can counter 2 potential bombs?

What decks do well vs. Mono Red Prison? (please don't say Death and Taxes, lol)
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Post by Iso » 1 year ago

I find that counter-heavy decks are typically the best ones to beat the red decks with (source: Sneak & Breach main, here). Stoneblade, Delver/Grixis Control, and Miracles tend to give me the most problems.

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Post by wildfire393 » 1 year ago

Mono-Red prison is a powerful deck, but it has a few vulnerabilities:
1) Its prison pieces are all fairly targeted. If you're running a deck like Miracles or Grixis Control that runs a fair number of basics to beat Blood Moon, can get to three lands with regularity to beat Trinisphere, and isn't all-in on one drops to beat Chalice, you have the best chance of being able to outplay their disruption. If you run Jaces, you can easily play around Ensnaring Bridge. Show and Tell should be decent for this as well, you just have to watch out for Bridge.
2) It runs a fairly low number of actual threats. It's generally just Rabblemaster, Warboss, Chandra, and some number of Karns. A few pinpoint counterspells can stymie them
3) It tends to invest multiple cards into deploying its threats or prison pieces. If they spend a Chrome Mox, an imprinted card, and a Simian Spirit Guide into playing a turn one Karn and you can Daze or Force it, they're pretty well hosed.

So yeah, the recommendation is to play a deck that runs a lot of free countermagic - a full set of Force of Will, maybe some Daze, maybe even dip into Force of Negation in the side.

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Post by drmarkb » 1 year ago

I own mono red prison, and a lot of other Legacy decks, all kept under lock and key. It is one of my most sought after loan decks I am always having to crack it open, because it is well known and gets a fair few free wins, but a lot of players do have difficulty with certain decks.

If the player is experienced in playing it or at least is familiar with the format then it does pretty well, but Force decks do often buy enough time to settle against it- if they are played by experienced pilots, those not relying on attacking (e.g. Death's Shadow, RUG, even good old Merfolk) being worse than those with more angles of attack and more basics (Jace decks like UW miracles)..

I know you said no D n T, but its cousin, mono r goblins walks it - trashmaster and mates eat the bridge and both decks churn out dudes. Blood moon is not stellar obviously for Mono-R
Infect is a decent match- it often sneaks under the bridge and the force/daze can buy enough time for the one big swing.
Whilst aggro eldrazi cannot beat the early Moon, and keels over, 12 post with the full Key/Monolith/Thran dynamo tech has a better time, and it too can hide behind Bridges.

Decks with alternative wincons do well- RIP/Helm in both UW control and Enchantress can win without attacking, the latter not as nerfed by Chalice as you would think and can remove problem permanents with O rings if built that way. The only cards that stop the combo are Karn, if run, and sorcery speed artifact removal, and you only need the combo once on a clear board for an insta-win.

Show and Tell is probably better as a cunning wish Omni-Tell deck than traditional Sneak and Show in this particular match up.
A good mono r player will be wary about going "all in" on threats vs a known Daze/force deck, and will look to keep a threat denser hand game 2, albeit slower, but a lot don't and suffer.

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