How to Join The "Unofficial Previews" Group and See This Forum

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While many users may want to discuss leaked, unofficial previews, others wish to avoid this when possible. As such, the unofficial preview forum is defaulted to hidden, with you needing to opt-in to see it. Similarly, discussions in other areas should always be hidden behind a [leak] tag, where you must choose to show the contents unless you are in this group.

You can easily opt-in to this group in one of two ways:
You can go to your Group Memberships page, select the "See Unofficial Spoilers" group and then choose "Join Selected" and [Submit] at the bottom. This will add you to the group.
You can also click the "Always See" button on any [leak] tag you come across.

Similarly, you can opt-out and leave this group at any time you wish. You can do so in the Group Memberships page, or by selecting "Hide Unofficial Spoilers" at the bottom right of any [leak] tag you see while in the group.

Feel free to PM me with any questions, etc. :)

And here's a quick example so you can see the tag, as well join or leave the group from here.

Unofficial Spoiler Discussion
Just an example :)
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