legendary Creature — Human Organiser

While the Master of Games is on the battlefield, at the beginning of each player's turn, they select a creature they control to be their champion, exiling it. If they already have a champion in exile, the previous champion remains exiled as the newly selected champion replaces them.

After your turn there is an additional "Blood games" turn that no one conrols, with only a combat step. At the begining of the "Blood games" turn, each exiled champion returns to the battlefield. Each champion's controller secretly chooses an opponent with a champion. These choices are then revealed, and each champion fights the chosen opponent's champion.

At the end of the "Blood games" turn players gain a treasure token equal to the number of rounds their champion has survived, and an additional treasure token if their champion attacked and defeated an opponent's champion that turn. And an additional 5 treasure tokens if they control the only remaining champion.

Blood is blood, doesn't matter which side it's on, it's all the same.

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