{T}, Sacrifice Nexus of Eternity: Each player reveals their hand and the cards of their library. If no creature cards are revealed this way and there are no creatures cards in graveyards or creatures on the battlefield, you win the game. Then each player shuffles his or her library.

{T}: Exile target creature card in a graveyard.

{7}, {T}: Exile target creature.

Card Lore Card Info
Some planes are old.

Very old.

Older than anything has any right to be.

The plane only know as Wlu is an example. So old that the mana has dried up from the land, the mountains have reduced to dust, the oceans have fallen flat and still as glass, the sun has faded to darkness, and even the dark emptiness that lingers has grown muted and less potent. It has been this way for too long to remember. Even the longest lived entities known in the multiverse do not recall a time when Wlu was alive.

Yet there must have been a time when it lived. There have been found items, buried in the endless seas of dust, which speak of a civilized time. One even still glows with life, pouring ominous, faint light out across the dunes.
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