381 Card Expansion Set
Release Date: Sep 08th 2023
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Archon of the Wild Rose
Archon's Glory
Armory Mice
Besotted Knight // Betroth the Beast
Break the Spell
Charmed Clothier
Cheeky House-Mouse // Squeak By
Cooped Up
Cursed Courtier
Discerning Financier
Dutiful Griffin
Eerie Interference
Expel the Interlopers
Frostbridge Guard
Gallant Pie-Wielder
Glass Casket
Hopeful Vigil
Kellan's Lightblades
Knight of Doves
Moment of Valor
Moonshaker Cavalry
Plunge into Winter
The Princess Takes Flight
Protective Parents
Regal Bunnicorn
Return Triumphant
Rimefur Reindeer
Savior of the Sleeping
Slumbering Keepguard
Solitary Sanctuary
Spellbook Vendor
Stockpiling Celebrant
Stroke of Midnight
A Tale for the Ages
Three Blind Mice
Tuinvale Guide
Unassuming Sage
Virtue of Loyalty // Ardenvale Fealty
Werefox Bodyguard
Aquatic Alchemist // Bubble Up
Archive Dragon
Asinine Antics
Beluna's Gatekeeper // Entry Denied
Bitter Chill
Chancellor of Tales
Diminisher Witch
Disdainful Stroke
Extraordinary Journey
Showing cards 1 - 48 of 381.