302 Card Expansion Set
Release Date: Apr 29th 2022
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Angelic Observer
Backup Agent
Ballroom Brawlers
Boon of Safety
Brokers Initiate
Buy Your Silence
Celebrity Fencer
Citizen's Crowbar
Dapper Shieldmate
Elspeth Resplendent
Extraction Specialist
Gathering Throng
Giada, Font of Hope
Halo Fountain
Hold for Ransom
Illuminator Virtuoso
Inspiring Overseer
Kill Shot
Knockout Blow
Mage's Attendant
Mysterious Limousine
Patch Up
Rabble Rousing
Raffine's Guidance
Raffine's Informant
Refuse to Yield
Revelation of Power
Rumor Gatherer
Sanctuary Warden
Sky Crier
Speakeasy Server
Swooping Protector
All-Seeing Arbiter
Backstreet Bruiser
Brokers Veteran
Case the Joint
Cut Your Losses
Disdainful Stroke
Echo Inspector
Errant, Street Artist
Even the Score
Expendable Lackey
Faerie Vandal
Hypnotic Grifter
Ledger Shredder
A Little Chat
Majestic Metamorphosis
Showing cards 1 - 48 of 468.