143 Card Expansion Set
Release Date: May 26th 2003
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Ageless Sentinels
Astral Steel
Aven Farseer
Aven Liberator
Daru Spiritualist
Daru Warchief
Dawn Elemental
Decree of Justice
Dimensional Breach
Dragon Scales
Eternal Dragon
Exiled Doomsayer
Force Bubble
Frontline Strategist
Gilded Light
Guilty Conscience
Karona's Zealot
Noble Templar
Rain of Blades
Reward the Faithful
Silver Knight
Trap Digger
Wing Shards
Wipe Clean
Zealous Inquisitor
Aphetto Runecaster
Brain Freeze
Coast Watcher
Day of the Dragons
Decree of Silence
Dispersal Shield
Dragon Wings
Faces of the Past
Frozen Solid
Hindering Touch
Long-Term Plans
Mercurial Kite
Mind's Desire
Mischievous Quanar
Mistform Warchief
Parallel Thoughts
Pemmin's Aura
Raven Guild Initiate
Raven Guild Master
Riptide Survivor
Showing cards 1 - 48 of 143.