62 Card Non-Pack Supplemental Set
Release Date: Jul 23rd 2021
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Galea, Kindler of Hope
Prosper, Tome-Bound
Sefris of the Hidden Ways
Vrondiss, Rage of Ancients
Fey Steed
Holy Avenger
Immovable Rod
Mantle of the Ancients
Radiant Solar
Robe of Stars
Thorough Investigation
Valiant Endeavor
Arcane Endeavor
Diviner's Portent
Minn, Wily Illusionist
Netherese Puzzle-Ward
Phantom Steed
Rod of Absorption
Winged Boots
Bag of Devouring
Danse Macabre
Death Tyrant
Grave Endeavor
Grim Hireling
Hellish Rebuke
Lorcan, Warlock Collector
Wand of Orcus
Berserker's Frenzy
Chaos Dragon
Maddening Hex
Reckless Endeavor
Share the Spoils
Vengeful Ancestor
Wild-Magic Sorcerer
Bag of Tricks
Belt of Giant Strength
Druid of Purification
Indomitable Might
Neverwinter Hydra
Song of Inspiration
Wild Endeavor
Catti-brie of Mithral Hall
Dragonborn Champion
Extract Brain
Fevered Suspicion
Hurl Through Hell
Showing cards 1 - 48 of 331.