358 Card Non-Pack Supplemental Set
Release Date: Feb 09th 2024
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Kaust, Eyes of the Glade
Mirko, Obsessive Theorist
Morska, Undersea Sleuth
Nelly Borca, Impulsive Accuser
Duskana, the Rage Mother
Feather, Radiant Arbiter
Marvo, Deep Operative
Sophia, Dogged Detective
Armed with Proof
Immortal Obligation
Merchant of Truth
Otherworldly Escort
Redemption Arc
Serene Sleuth
Trouble in Pairs
True Identity
Unexplained Absence
Veiled Ascension
Case of the Shifting Visage
Copy Catchers
Detective of the Month
Final-Word Phantom
Follow the Bodies
Tangletrove Kelp
Watcher of Hours
Charnel Serenade
Eye of Duskmantle
Foreboding Steamboat
Unshakable Tail
Havoc Eater
Hot Pursuit
Mob Verdict
Prisoner's Dilemma
Showstopping Surprise
Tesak, Judith's Hellhound
Experiment Twelve
Innocuous Researcher
On the Trail
Printlifter Ooze
Knowledge Is Power
Take the Bait
Panoptic Projektor
Ransom Note
Ransom Note
Ransom Note
Ransom Note
Showing cards 1 - 48 of 358.