68 Card Supplemental Pack Set
Release Date: Jun 07th 2024
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Breaker of Creation
Devourer of Destiny
Echoes of Eternity
Emrakul, the World Anew
Herigast, Erupting Nullkite
It That Heralds the End
Kozilek, the Broken Reality
Null Elemental Blast
Ulamog, the Defiler
Dog Umbra
Flare of Fortitude
Pearl-Ear, Imperial Advisor
Phelia, Exuberant Shepherd
Thraben Charm
White Orchid Phantom
Corrupted Shapeshifter
Flare of Denial
Harbinger of the Seas
Kozilek's Unsealing
Petrifying Meddler
Serum Visionary
Shadow of the Second Sun
Volatile Stormdrake
Chthonian Nightmare
Flare of Malice
Grim Servant
Scurrilous Sentry
Wurmcoil Larva
Detective's Phoenix
Flare of Duplication
Frogmyr Enforcer
Glimpse the Impossible
Mogg Mob
Spawn-Gang Commander
Wheel of Potential
Wheel of Potential
Basking Broodscale
Eladamri, Korvecdal
Evolution Witness
Flare of Cultivation
Thief of Existence
Trickster's Elk
Wumpus Aberration
Showing cards 1 - 48 of 214.