415 Card Expansion Set
Release Date: Nov 17th 2023
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Abuelo's Awakening
Acrobatic Leap
Adaptive Gemguard
Attentive Sunscribe
Bat Colony
Clay-Fired Bricks
Cosmium Kiln
Cosmium Blast
Dauntless Dismantler
Deconstruction Hammer
Dusk Rose Reliquary
Envoy of Okinec Ahau
Fabrication Foundry
Family Reunion
Get Lost
Glorifier of Suffering
Guardian of the Great Door
Helping Hand
Ironpaw Aspirant
Kinjalli's Dawnrunner
Kutzil's Flanker
Malamet War Scribe
Market Gnome
Might of the Ancestors
Miner's Guidewing
Mischievous Pup
Ojer Taq, Deepest Foundation
Temple of Civilization
Oltec Archaeologists
Oltec Cloud Guard
Oteclan Landmark
Oteclan Levitator
Quicksand Whirlpool
Resplendent Angel
Ruin-Lurker Bat
Sanguine Evangelist
Soaring Sandwing
Spring-Loaded Sawblades
Bladewheel Chariot
Thousand Moons Crackshot
Thousand Moons Infantry
Thousand Moons Smithy
Barracks of the Thousand
Tinker's Tote
Unstable Glyphbridge
Sandswirl Wanderglyph
Vanguard of the Rose
Warden of the Inner Sky
Akal Pakal, First Among Equals
Ancestral Reminiscence
Brackish Blunder
Braided Net
Braided Quipu
Chart a Course
Showing cards 1 - 48 of 416.