302 Card Expansion Set
Release Date: Feb 18th 2022
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Ancestral Katana
Ao, the Dawn Sky
Banishing Slash
Befriending the Moths
Imperial Moth
Blade-Blizzard Kitsune
Born to Drive
Brilliant Restoration
Cloudsteel Kirin
Dragonfly Suit
Eiganjo Exemplar
Era of Enlightenment
Hand of Enlightenment
The Fall of Lord Konda
Fragment of Konda
Go-Shintai of Shared Purpose
Golden-Tail Disciple
Hotshot Mechanic
Imperial Oath
Imperial Recovery Unit
Imperial Subduer
Intercessor's Arrest
Invoke Justice
Kitsune Ace
Kyodai, Soul of Kamigawa
Light the Way
Light-Paws, Emperor's Voice
Lion Sash
Lucky Offering
March of Otherworldly Light
Michiko's Reign of Truth
Portrait of Michiko
Mothrider Patrol
Norika Yamazaki, the Poet
Regent's Authority
Repel the Vile
The Restoration of Eiganjo
Architect of Restoration
Selfless Samurai
Seven-Tail Mentor
Sky-Blessed Samurai
Spirited Companion
Sunblade Samurai
Touch the Spirit Realm
Wanderer's Intervention
The Wandering Emperor
When We Were Young
Acquisition Octopus
Anchor to Reality
Armguard Familiar
Awakened Awareness
Behold the Unspeakable
Vision of the Unspeakable
Showing cards 1 - 48 of 513.