40 Card Duel Deck Set
Release Date: Jun 22nd 2018
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Mu Yanling
Colorful Feiyi Sparrow
Purple-Crystal Crab
Vivid Flying Fish
Welkin Tern
Heavenly Qilin
Armored Whirl Turtle
Nine-Tail White Fox
Earth-Origin Yak
Moon-Eating Dog
Stormcloud Spirit
Ancestor Dragon
Cloak of Mists
Qilin's Blessing
Drown in Shapelessness
Dragon's Presence
Brilliant Plan
Rhythmic Water Vortex
Meandering River
Jiang Yanggu
Leopard-Spotted Jiao
Feiyi Snake
Sacred White Deer
Reckless Pangolin
Giant Spider
Ferocious Zheng
Fire-Omen Crane
Screeching Phoenix
Earthshaking Si
Hardened-Scale Armor
Breath of Fire
Aggressive Instinct
Confidence from Strength
Journey for the Elixir
Cleansing Screech
Timber Gorge
Showing cards 1 - 40 of 40.
There are also 1 Extras in this set.