1068 Card Non-Pack Supplemental Set
Release Date: Mar 08th 2024
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Caesar, Legion's Emperor
Dogmeat, Ever Loyal
Dr. Madison Li
The Wise Mothman
Liberty Prime, Recharged
The Master, Transcendent
Mr. House, President and CEO
Preston Garvey, Minuteman
Aradesh, the Founder
Automated Assembly Line
Battle of Hoover Dam
Brotherhood Outcast
Brotherhood Scribe
Codsworth, Handy Helper
Commander Sofia Daguerre
Gary Clone
Overseer of Vault 76
Paladin Danse, Steel Maverick
Pre-War Formalwear
The Prydwen, Steel Flagship
Securitron Squadron
Sentry Bot
Sierra, Nuka's Biggest Fan
Vault 13: Dweller's Journey
Vault 75: Middle School
Vault 101: Birthday Party
Yes Man, Personal Securitron
Curie, Emergent Intelligence
James, Wandering Dad // Follow Him
Jason Bright, Glowing Prophet
Mirelurk Queen
Nerd Rage
Nick Valentine, Private Eye
Piper Wright, Publick Reporter
Robobrain War Mind
Struggle for Project Purity
Synth Infiltrator
Vexing Radgull
Bloatfly Swarm
Butch DeLoria, Tunnel Snake
Feral Ghoul
Hancock, Ghoulish Mayor
Infesting Radroach
Nuclear Fallout
Ruthless Radrat
Showing cards 1 - 48 of 1071.