264 Card Expansion Set
Release Date: Mar 27th 2015
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Scion of Ugin
Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit
Arashin Foremost
Artful Maneuver
Aven Sunstriker
Aven Tactician
Battle Mastery
Center Soul
Champion of Arashin
Dragon Hunter
Dragon's Eye Sentry
Dromoka Captain
Dromoka Dunecaster
Dromoka Warrior
Echoes of the Kin Tree
Enduring Victory
Fate Forgotten
Glaring Aegis
Gleam of Authority
Graceblade Artisan
Great Teacher's Decree
Herald of Dromoka
Hidden Dragonslayer
Misthoof Kirin
Myth Realized
Ojutai Exemplars
Orator of Ojutai
Profound Journey
Radiant Purge
Sandcrafter Mage
Sandstorm Charger
Scale Blessing
Secure the Wastes
Shieldhide Dragon
Strongarm Monk
Student of Ojutai
Sunscorch Regent
Surge of Righteousness
Territorial Roc
Ancient Carp
Belltoll Dragon
Blessed Reincarnation
Clone Legion
Showing cards 1 - 48 of 264.