158 Card Expansion Set
Release Date: Feb 03rd 2012
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Archangel's Light
Bar the Door
Break of Day
Burden of Guilt
Curse of Exhaustion
Elgaud Inquisitor
Faith's Shield
Gather the Townsfolk
Gavony Ironwright
Hollowhenge Spirit
Increasing Devotion
Lingering Souls
Loyal Cathar
Unhallowed Cathar
Midnight Guard
Niblis of the Mist
Niblis of the Urn
Ray of Revelation
Requiem Angel
Sanctuary Cat
Silverclaw Griffin
Skillful Lunge
Sudden Disappearance
Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
Thraben Doomsayer
Thraben Heretic
Artful Dodge
Beguiler of Wills
Bone to Ash
Call to the Kindred
Chant of the Skifsang
Chill of Foreboding
Curse of Echoes
Dungeon Geists
Geralf's Mindcrusher
Havengul Runebinder
Headless Skaab
Increasing Confusion
Mystic Retrieval
Nephalia Seakite
Niblis of the Breath
Relentless Skaabs
Saving Grasp
Screeching Skaab
Secrets of the Dead
Showing cards 1 - 48 of 158.