Commander 2014

337 Card Non-Pack Supplemental Set
Release Date: Nov 07th 2014
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Angel of the Dire Hour
Angelic Field Marshal
Benevolent Offering
Containment Priest
Deploy to the Front
Fell the Mighty
Hallowed Spiritkeeper
Jazal Goldmane
Nahiri, the Lithomancer
Aether Gale
Breaching Leviathan
Domineering Will
Dulcet Sirens
Intellectual Offering
Reef Worm
Stitcher Geralf
Stormsurge Kraken
Teferi, Temporal Archmage
Well of Ideas
Demon of Wailing Agonies
Flesh Carver
Ghoulcaller Gisa
Infernal Offering
Malicious Affliction
Necromantic Selection
Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath
Overseer of the Damned
Raving Dead
Spoils of Blood
Wake the Dead
Bitter Feud
Daretti, Scrap Savant
Dualcaster Mage
Feldon of the Third Path
Impact Resonance
Incite Rebellion
Scrap Mastery
Tyrant's Familiar
Volcanic Offering
Warmonger Hellkite
Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury
Grave Sifter
Lifeblood Hydra
Siege Behemoth
Song of the Dryads
Sylvan Offering
Showing cards 1 - 48 of 337.