30 Card Expansion Set
Release Date: Feb 28th 2023
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Ghalma the Shaper
Kemba's Outfitter
Nettling Host
Norn's Fetchling
Quicksilver Servitor
Surgical Metamorph
Tezzeret's Reckoning
Blightwing Whelp
March Toward Perfection
Sheoldred's Assimilator
Hexgold Sledge
Magmatic Scorchwing
Phyrexian Harvester
Rothga, Bonded Engulfer
Phyresis Roach
Spawning Pod
Arek, False Goldwarden
Bladehold Cleaver
Contagion Dispenser
Darksteel Hydra
Glistening Extractor
Gyox, Brutal Carnivora
Ichor Aberration
Innovative Metatect
Mephidross Slime
Quicksilver Lapidary
Seething Skitter-Priest
Skullpiercer Gnat
Vexyr, Ich-Tekik's Heir
Phyrexian Scrapyard
Showing cards 1 - 30 of 30.