30 Card Expansion Set
Release Date: Jun 02nd 2022
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Celestial Vault
Herald of Vengeance
Skyline Savior
Agent of Raffine
Choice of Fortunes
Nightclub Bouncer
Graven Archfiend
Shattering Finale
Xander's Wake
Big Spender
Pass the Torch
Traumatic Prank
Giant Regrowth
Loose in the Park
Menagerie Curator
Arming Gala
Back-Alley Gardener
Bank Job
Bind to Secrecy
Brokers' Safeguard
Cabaretti Revels
Diviner of Fates
Effluence Devourer
Obscura Polymorphist
Racketeer Boss
Riveteers Provocateur
Rope Line Attendant
Spara's Bodyguard
Spelldrain Assassin
Syndicate Recruiter
Showing cards 1 - 30 of 30.