Alchemy: Kamigawa

30 Card Expansion Set
Release Date: Mar 17th 2022
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Dragonfly Pilot
Inchblade Companion
Kami of Transmutation
Fragment Reality
Mothrider Cavalry
Experimental Pilot
Holographic Double
Futurist Spellthief
Semblance Scanner
Better Offer
Saiba Syphoner
Painful Bond
Swarm Saboteur
Kami of Mourning
Undercity Plunder
Soul Servitude
Consuming Oni
Artillery Enthusiast
Foundry Beetle
Junkyard Scrapper
Bellowsbreath Ogre
Molten Impact
Forgeborn Phoenix
Kami of Bamboo Groves
Chronicler of Worship
Boseiju Pathlighter
Jukai Liberator
Runaway Growth
Forceful Cultivator
Imperial Blademaster
Showing cards 1 - 30 of 30.