The New MTG Community Hub

Feyd Ruin1666969200

When I first set out to make MTGNexus, my initial vision actually revolved entirely around the MTG Community Hub. It was the quintessential center of the site that embodied my vision of our purpose, helping to bridge the gap between segmented areas of the community, and helping to support content creators across the web. There are a myriad of sites that produce content for Magic, and many of the smaller sites are rarely seen except by those who know them well. They all deserve their chance to be known.

Due to the haste of which we launched, however, the Hub that was created was merely a placeholder for what I would hopefully some day create. It is something that has always bothered me, more than anything else I've yet to finish. Today, I am elated to bring you a new, proper version of the hub that is much closer to what I envisioned. I will continue to expand and develop it further, but this is a large step in the right direction that paves the way for more.

The New MTG Community Hub has not only greatly expanded it's reach among written content creators, but we have also added areas for Podcasts, Videos, and Streams. Now we can not only support more content creators from across the entire web, we have created a more solid central point for all the great Magic content that the community makes. We hope you'll give it a visit and discover just how big the Magic community really is.

If there's any content creators you think we should list, or if you yourself are a creator, please don't hesitate to let us know. We'd love to add you!