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Post by Ginuqu » 4 days ago

For anyone who wants to talk about multiplayer decks they've made, or ideas for new decks, or experiences they've had as a response to their brews, etc! The casual section here is fairly dead what with the pandemic situation and the ascendance of Commander as an optimized format, but sometimes you just wanna make a deck that isn't pointed enough for any competitive scene, that still runs four-ofs. Suggest improvements for previous decks or post your own! Of course you can just post concepts, this isn't proof of purchase or anything!

The new Spirit of Malevolence from M21 made me think of this old idea:
Spirit Gum

The Disk:

4 Nevinyrral's Disk

Other stuff:

3 Cauldron Haze
1 Death Denied

Very sketchy landbase (just wanted to run eight copies of an effect that'd reclaim Thief of Hope!)

4 Witch's Cottage
17 Swamp
4 Mortuary Mire
Approximate Total Cost:

Thief of Hope doubles up on Spirit of Malevolence in two senses and creates unprofitable chump blocks while you're saving up for more controlling spells. If you get deep enough into the turn count you'll have lots of mana and lots of ways to churn, so much so that I considered including Corpse Churn for thematic completeness! Nevy's Disk plus Cauldron Haze is well-trodden ground for a certain class of casual players and it looks like I'm one of them!

Naturally, if you come up against a spellslinger deck who doesn't mind having their board wrathed then you are absolutely toast!
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