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Post by spacemonaut » 1 week ago

Sometimes card notation, especially custom cards, calls for color indicators. We don't have those yet. Usually mana is a pretty good stand-in: , , etc.

If someone's feeling up to it, could we have color indicator symbols?

For some reference: all cards with color indicators, monocolor indicators, two-color indicators.

Nicol Bolas, the Arisen also has the only three-color indicator and boy that one's a mess so I'm not really asking for three-color indicators here. But you could implement it anyway, since you could show these indicators on card pages on MTG Nexus.

This isn't urgent; like I said mana symbols are a good stand-in.

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Post by Feyd_Ruin » 1 week ago

Hmm, looks like I forgot to add the indicator parameter to the [cardtext] writeup in the ccc guide, but it's there.
Giant Piranhas
Creature — Fish
Suspend 2 —
Defender (This creature can't attack.)

Code: Select all

[cardtext color="gold" rarity="Common" name="Giant Piranhas" indicator="ubr" type="Creature — Fish" pt="5/4" mana=" "]
Suspend 2 — [sym=u][sym=b][sym=r]
Defender ([i]This creature can't attack.[/i])[/cardtext]
But you're right, I need to add the indicators to the [sym=] as well.
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