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Post by ktkenshinx » 2 years ago

This is a placeholder thread. If you are interested in taking over the thread and/or writing a primer, PM the moderator team.
This is the thread to discuss the Hollow One archetype in Modern.
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Post by maniospas » 2 years ago

I've been lately brewing with a RG version of this archetype (the manabase is slightly suboptimal because I'm still transitioning). Losing black hurts in the graveyard recursion aspect, i.e. no Bloodghast and no Gurmag Anglers to enable Flamewake Phoenixes), but I believe that green more than makes up for this with improved explosiveness and early game consistency.

What I specifically tried to avoid was relying on delve threats, because my experience with turn 3 Gurmag Angler has not been great in modern (too slow). In the same slot, I tried Elvish Reclaimer as a simple beater (3/4 are not bad stats by any means at one mana investment, especially since it's usually that big on the second turn - plus at that point it dodges bolt). Reclaimer can also grind up a bit of value in stalled boards with Sunbaked Canyon in the deck. In general, I tried to streamline the curve so that almost every threat and spell can be played for 1 mana. Rancor was also a very impressive addition to an archetype that struggles against a couple of chumblockers if it's even a little late in deploying threats.
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