New Challenge Every Day - January 26th: Energy Counters

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Post by Subject16 » 2 months ago

Today's Challenge:
Energy Counters

.::To Enter::.
In a single post:
  • Name exactly two other players to vote for their entries for the previous challenge. (In the event that there are two or fewer entries that you are allowed to vote for, you may vote for only one.)
  • Make a card that fits the current challenge.
  • Include an "If I Win" (IIW) for tomorrow's challenge if you win.
Each day we use the challenge of the previous day's winner. In the case of a tie, we'll use the IIW of the tied player who has least overall points.

Subject16 48 (3)
Gateways7 45 (3)
JovialJovian 44 (2)
Ink-Treader 42 (1)
Guardman 40 (1)
dyd 39 (3)
Henlock 36 (0)
void_nothing 35 (2)
netn10 33 (1)
BeneTleilax 7 (0)
Raptorchan 5 (0)
RattingRots 3 ()
wizyard 3 (0)
Flatline 2 (0)
.::Note of the Day::.
Putting this up again:
I'm travelling to Portugal for most of February for work, so I don't know if I'll be active enough to keep this going then. If someone can cover for next month's threads I'll pick it back up in March.
.::Yesterday's Submissions::.
Core Set style cards
Gateways7 wrote:
2 months ago
Subject16, void_nothing

Hellfire Rager 5R
Creature - Devil (common)
In the wake of crisis comes chaos.

IIW: Activated abilities!
RattingRots wrote:
2 months ago
Gateways7, dyd (although the effect is way too powerful to give it hexproof - need to give people the ability to answer this)

Purifying Kami 2W
Creature - Spirit (U)
W, T: You gain 2 life.

IIW: Hybrid card from a plane that normally doesn't get them.
JovialJovian wrote:
2 months ago
Votes: Ink-Treader, dyd

Highland Dragon 4RR
Creature - Dragon
Flying, haste
When ~ attacks, return it to its owner's hand at end of turn.
R: ~ gets +1/+0 until end of turn.

IIW: Non-creatures with "A deck can have any number of cards named..."
Guardman wrote:
2 months ago
Votes: Gateways7 and Subject16

Mutual Benefit 1w
Instant (common)
Each opponent draws a card. Draw two cards.

IIW: Gideon: Back from Death!
Ink-Treader wrote:
2 months ago
Vote: Guardman and void_nothing

Earthtuner G
Creature - Elf Druid (R)
When Earthattuned enters the battlefield, it gains all abilities of target land.

IIW: Utility
netn10 wrote:
2 months ago
Votes: Subject16, JoviaJovian

Scattering Darkness 3BB
Instant (Rare)
Destroy each enchantment you don't control.

IIW: Combine two guild mechanics.
Subject16 wrote:
2 months ago
netn10, Gateways7

Zealous Hieromancer 1W
Creature — Human Wizard (Rare)
First Strike
1W, T: Return each permanent card exiled with Zealous Hieromancer to the battlefield under its owner's control, then exile target nonland permanent for as long as Zealous Hieromancer remains on the battlefield.
"You're coming with me, villain!"

IIW: Bears with upside
void_nothing wrote:
2 months ago
Votes: dyd, JovialJovian

Solar Justice 1W
Instant (U)
Choose one -
• Black creatures can't block this turn.
• Red creatures can't attack this turn.
Scry 1.

IIW: Devils

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Post by RattingRots » 2 months ago

JovialJovian, Ink-Treader

Aether Processor 4
Artifact (R)
At the beginning of your upkeep, expend all your . If 3 or more is expended this way, draw that many cards. Otherwise, add that much mana of any one color. Until end of turn, this mana doesn't end as steps and phases end.

IIW: Title is a three letter word
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Post by JovialJovian » 2 months ago

Votes: Subject16, Ink-treader

Feedback Bolt 2R
Target player gets EE. ~ deals damage to that player equal to the amount of E they have.

IIW: Living weapons

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Post by dyd » 2 months ago

Votes: RattingRots, JovialJovian

Aether Deviation uu
Choose target spell. You get e (an energy counter), then you may pay an amount of E equal to that spell's converted mana cost. If you do, counter that spell.
"I don't believe it's supposed to do that".

IIW: enchantment sacrifice in red (yours) or black (opponents')

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Post by Ink-Treader » 2 months ago

Vote: Guardman and Subject16

Ley Manipulator 1GG
Creature - Elf Druid (R)
3: You get E
EE: Add one mana of any color.

IIW: Remove counters

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Post by Subject16 » 2 months ago

Gateways7, void_nothing

Rashmi, Aether Shaper 1GUR
Legendary Creature — Elf Druid (Mythic)
Whenever you cast your first spell each turn, you get an amount of equal to that spell's converted mana cost.
1, T, Pay any amount of : Choose one —
• You gain that much life.
• Discard up to that many cards, then draw a card for each card you discarded this way.
• Target player puts that many cards from the top of their library into their graveyard.

IIW: Modal Creatures

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Post by Guardman » 2 months ago

Votes: void_nothing and RattingRots

Conduit Artist gu
Creature - Human Artificer
Conduit Artist enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter.
: Proliferate.

IIW: Pokemon Double Face Creatures

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Post by netn10 » 2 months ago

Votes: Guardman, void_nothing

The Dragon's Smile 6
Legendary Artifact - Vehicle (Mythic)
Flying, haste
When The Dragon's Smile enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a card named Kari Zev, Skyship Raider. If you do, put her on the battlefield and shuffle your library.
R or E: The Dragon's Smile gets +1/+0 until end of turn.
Crew 1

IIW: Gold equipment or vehicle

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Titles & Recognition

Post by void_nothing » 2 months ago

I will try to take over the contest for next month.

Votes: Gateways7, Subject16

Mechanized Mourning 2UB
Enchantment (R)
When Mechanized Mourning enters the battlefield, each player puts the top three cards of their library into their graveyard and loses 3 life.
Whenever a creature card is put into a graveyard from anywhere, you get E (an energy counter).
2UB, Pay X E: Create a token that's a copy of target creature card in a graveyard with converted mana cost X or less.

IIW: Changing control of things other than creatures
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Post by Gateways7 » 2 months ago

RattingRots, JovialJovian

Galvanize R
Instant (common)
Choose one—
•You get EE.
•Galvanize deals X damage to any target, where X is the amount of E you have.

IIW: Doubling!

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