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Post by Icarii » 2 days ago

White is the current problem child color in magic, especially in commander, so what kind of designs can we give to white to up its power level and/or reasonably expand its color pie?

Buff White's current niches
Give white Card advantage and/or Ramp in reasonable ways.

Syr Ferra the Valor Brand 1WW
Legendary Creature - Humana Knight (R)
First Strike, vigilance
Each spell that would cost greater than three mana to play costs an additional 2 to play.

Thalia but not. White likes the cheapo wennie strats. so lets hurt those game saving wipes and control counter measures.

Archon of Omnipotence 3WW
Creature - Avatar (M)
Flying, lifelink
Whenever an opponent draws a card, if that player has more cards in hand than you, you may draw a card.

"Balanced" card draw.

National Borders 1W
Enchantment - R
Whenever a land enters the battlefield under an opponents control, that player may pay 1. If they dont, that player sacrifices a land.

Anti ramp as an alternative to ramp?

Mind-Linked Adept 1WW
Creature - Kithkin Solider (R)
At the beginning of your combat step, choose one for each creature you control. (you may choose the same mode more than once)
• Target Creature gains indestructible until end of turn.
• Target Creature gains double strike until end of turn.
• Target Creature gains lifelink until end of turn.

The 3 mana 2/2 double striker with upside, except a much more flexible/spreadable one.

Ardrealle, the Creator 2WW
Legendary Creature - Angel (M)
Flying, vigilance
When Ardrealle, the Creator deals combat damage to a player, if that player controls more lands than you, search your library for a number of basic plain cards equal to the difference and reveal them. Put one onto the battlefield tapped and rest into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

Actual white ramp on a very efficient creature. If white is supposed to be a creature color yet blue can get 4/4 flyers for 4 now with potent upside, white should be even BETTER at it.

Admeasure 2WW
Sorcery (R)
Each player searches their library for a number of basic land cards equal to the greatest number of lands a player controls and reveals them. Each player then exiles all lands they control, puts the reveled cards onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffles their library.

White used to out right destroy lands symmetrically, so why not give it some non basic symmetrical hate that doubles as ramp a lot of the time?

Sun-Mantle Angel 2WWW
Creature - Angel (M)
If Sun-Mantle Angel is countered, put it onto the battlefield instead unless any player pays 2.
Flying, vigilance, double strike
Creatures can't block Sun-Mantle Angel unless their controller pays 2 for each creature they control blocking it..

White efficiency and taxation upped into a single, efficient package. Baneslayer, Lyria, and Archangel of Tithe inspired.

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Post by Icarii » 20 hours ago

Equal Rule 2W
Enchantment (R)
As longs as you control a nonland permanent, your opponents can't cast spells that share a type with that permanent if they control more permanents of that type than you.

Serious balance cards. Too unfun?

Absolve 1WW
Sorcery (R)
Exile target permanent. It's Controller gains 3 life.

Can mono white get it's own vindicate? Is hitting lands ok?

Resist and Recruit 2W
Enchantment (U)
Whenever an opponent casts a spell, create a 1/1 white Soldier creature token unless that player pays 1.

Is a 1/1 effect big enough? A 1/1 is not as useful as a card from rhystic study, but may still be worthwhile.

Supply Lines 1W
Enchantment (R)
Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, if you control less lands than the number of creatures you control, search your library for a basic plains card and reveal it. Put it onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library.

Going wide makes your mana wide could be a white thing maybe?

Taxing Agent WW
Creature - Human Advisor (R)
Whenever a creature you control is blocked, you draw a card.

Blue draws more on hitting the opponent and often doesnt hit hard. White hits hard so maybe giving it gas by drawing on blocking can help it win its combat oriented game? Blocking doesnt happen as much in high level play so it may be important to make either the creatures doing it threatening or giving it to creatures that are.

Expel W
Instant (U)
Exile target creature unless it's controller pays 1.

White Force Spike but with white effect instead of the mana tithe color shift. Too good for standard? Too weak?

Coreppa, Princess of Spears 3W
Legendary Creature - Human Lord (R)
First Stirke
Whenever a creature you control attacks, you may have it's power and toughness become X/X until end of turn, where X is the number of creatures you control.

Do whites best offensive threats have to be keyword focused?

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