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Post by dustinjwco04 » 3 days ago

If I have Ashiok dream render with a Kaya's ghostform attached to it and I've already minused can I then play another ashiok, minus the 2nd one and return the original 1st ashiok to the battlefield and minus it again? For a total of 12 cards milled5

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Post by WizardMN » 3 days ago

Unfortunately not. The second one enters and then you need to immediately deal with Legend Rule so you can't activate the second one yet. The first one dies due to the Legend Rule which triggers Ghostform which means you still can't activate the second one since the stack is not empty. The first returns and you again deal with the Legend Rule and need to get rid of one. Finally, with only one on the field, you get priority with the stack empty and you can activate whichever one you kept.

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