End of 2019 Sheldon AMA

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Post by cryogen » 4 days ago

Posting this for Sheldon. He's doing one final AMA for 2019. You can ask your questions here or on the official forums.

As usual, questions can be on any topic, just keep them respectful.
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Post by Dunharrow » 3 days ago

Hi Sheldon,
Thank you for doing these AMAs.
What do you think of tutors in Commander? Do they support or circumvent the singleton nature of Commander?

(People seem to dislike specific strategies like combo or stax, and we are encouraged to talk to discuss power level before a game is played, but I find that low-cost tutors are what make these strategies viable)

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Post by RxPhantom » 3 days ago

Do you think the format is better or worse for having tuck removed? I miss it, personally.
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Post by ISBPathfinder » 3 days ago


What is your opinion of taking the 100 card mandatory deck size to being a minimum instead of a mandatory number? I guess its a bit of a question of should Battle of Wits function and be an option in commander. The change in rules would be incredibly minor and really not change how things are done. Its also not really a big deal but it would take a card that's more or less functionally banned and allow it to be played.
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Post by 3drinks » 1 day ago

Good morning Sheldon, I trust your day is going well;

What is your opinion of the partner mechanic, both in it's implementation originally and it's subsequent revamp in Battlebond? Has it made the format better or worse in your estimation? What would it take (if it were even on the chopping block) for the mechanic to get the axe?

How has the advent of 4c affected (if at all) the drive to build 5c instead? Do you find your builds (those you either play against or self-brew) homogenizing with such easy access to your colours?

How does the current suite of power creep we're being served bode in relation to the commander format, and what do you anticipate if the creep continues in such a way? How long at that rate would you predict before the average game inadvertently enters into the "arms race" just by sheer virtue of good cards that continue getting released?
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Post by 5colorsrainbow » 2 hours ago

Hey Sheldon what do you think overall was the highlight(s) of 2019 for Commander and what need aspect(s) improvement? D

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