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Post by schweinefett » 6 months ago

So I've built a cube, powered, from cards only in the pre masks era. Except for the mana, since I wanna allow decks to be able to function in 2-3 colours.
But when I draft it, the decks don't generally seem to function well enough. It's either too weak or way overpowered. Some games, it's channel fireball kill. Other times, it's soltari priest beatdown.

Does anyone here have any tips on how to improve the cube? Like how to enable more aggro strategies and stuff?

I figured no one would wanna see the entire list here since it's not sortable here.

It's one of those weird cubes where oftentimes, drafting a white knight might be better than drafting a mox or a time walk. But it's probably me who's not a good drafter.


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