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Post by motleyslayer » 1 year ago

went 2-2 at FNM with almost that exact list I posted (just Sword of Fire and Ice over Sword of Feast and Famine . . Deck seems like it's pretty good and I wanna test it more.

Game 1 I 2-0 merfolk. Both games I was pretty aggressive with removal and won off of putting a Sword of Fire and Ice on a Seasoned Pyromancer .

Game 2 I lose to oldschool titanshift 0-2. Both games I tore his hand apart but lost to top deck titan, as per the saying you can't Thoughtseize the top of their deck.

Round 3 I lose to a budget GW humans deck. I mulled to 6 both games and he had super aggressive starts

Round 4 I 2-0 a Temur "storm|" brew around Song of Creation . Game 1 he kept a hand with triple Pentad Prism which I tore apart and ran him over. G2 I probably over boarded grave hate but got a leyline in the opening 7. I also cast a tear on his song. He conceded after I made hkm discard his singleton Grapeshot .

I wanna test the deck more but I can see myself liking it

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