[Deck] Azorius Control

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Post by robertleva » 2 years ago

I'm a bit surprised there isn't more development of this archetype here. I would have thought post SFM unban this thread would be poppin. I will throw my current list up just for the sake of discussion. It works well for me.

No, I'm not trolling with Myth Realized. I'm partial to the card perhaps but it works well here.
Robert Leva
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Post by ShockerNation » 2 years ago

I have recently thought about myth realized as a one of in my build as a spicy inclusion... so when I saw this, I had to give a thumbs up. I will sleeve this up on MTGO and see how it works.

With so many new cards, new builds, etc., all forums are not as busy as I would imagine too. I posted a Jund question and after over a week I took it down. Just nothing anywhere I have been.

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